Come and explore Tunisia this summer

Tunis, a city where ancient and modern come together, where the past blends with the present, and where the desert meets the sea. Here the culture is itself a mix of cultures; the Romans, Byzantines and Arabs have all passed through. And here in Tunisia, this summer, the island of Djerba, and the resort of Hammamet are two paradises just waiting for you, where you can live life to the full and enjoy your time off to the utmost.

Trip to Djerba, Tunisia

Located in middle of the Gulf of Gabes, off the shores of the south of Tunisia, is the island of Djerba. Amidst palm trees and olive groves you’ll find beaches such as Sidi Mahares or Sidi Bakur, resplendent with fine, soft sand and crystalline waters. Djerba has a wide range of tourist activities, and you’ll delight in walking round its famous bazaars and enjoying the extensive gastronomic fare on offer, such as traditional couscous, Tunisian wines, or freshly caught fish. It’s an island where a dip in the ocean or a desert adventure are both just a couple of steps away.

Hotels in Djerba Tunisia

Hotel Vincci Hélios Beach 4* Djerba

The hotel is located by a heavenly beach, where the sun glints off the limpid waters. Here the Sahara desert meets the Mediterranean Sea, both so different and yet so connected. The hotel, which occupies nine hectares, is a fusion of Arabic style and modern decor.

The hotel’s spa, with Arabic hammam steam bath, transports you to a place as exotic as it is pleasurable. Enjoy a sauna with hydromassage, or head into a cabin for a massage.

And in addition to the option of staying in the main hotel building of the Vincci Hélios Beach 4* Djerba, you could also try staying in one of the five ‘houches’, the traditional local style of building, with an interior patio. And if you’d prefer the ultimate in privacy and peace and quiet, far from everyone else, then our bungalows in an exclusive area are simply perfect. And no matter where you choose, the views will be incredible.

Room view, at the hotel Vincci Hélios Beach 4* Djerba.

* Room view, at the hotel Vincci Hélios Beach 4* Djerba.

The bright white walls contrast brilliantly with the intense blue of its immense pool, a look, that along with the hotel’s installations and customer service, led to it receiving a Travellers’ Choice™ 2014  award from Tripadvisor, based on the opinions of our guests.

Hotel Vincci Djerba Resort 4* Djerba

There are few better places to swim under the Tunisian sun than in the spacious pool of the Vincci Djerba Resort 4* Djerba. It’s a hotel where you can enjoy the best of the island, its impressive sunsets, its atmosphere, its resplendent sun… the perfect setting for your holiday.

Room view, at the hotel Vincci Hélios Beach 4* Djerba.

* Pool at the hotel Vincci Djerba Resort 4* Djerba

The hotel has doubles, triples, quadruples and suites. Rooms that are perfectly designed for you to relax on your hard-earned days off. And it also has a spa with Arabic hammam, sauna, and massage rooms. You’ll come out feeling completely renewed.

So if you want to experience life surrounded by typical Tunisian style and decor, don’t even think twice.

Trip to Hammamet, Tunisia

By the shores of the Mediterranean lies the city of the jasmines. The influence of the flower is so great the city is named after it: Yasmine Hammamet. And the blossoms are found everywhere, decorating and perfuming the streets and buildings.

In Hammamet you’ll also find amazing beaches and beautiful gardens, all in an exceptional location, just 60 kilometres from the capital.

Hotels in Hammamet

Hotel Vincci Flora Park-Adult Only 4* Hammamet

This hotel appears to have been built by Arabs and Moors, such is the blend of cultures displayed in the design of this charming resort, as simple as it is exotic.

If you’re travelling without children, Vincci Flora Park-Adults Only 4* Hammamet is your hotel. You’ll find the privacy and the chance to unwind you’re looking for in the reserved area on the beach for hotel guests, as well as in its spa where you can pamper body and mind with exceptional therapies. You can also enjoy the swimming pools, both indoor and open-air, at this boutique hotel, ideal for a relaxing holiday with your partner.

Room view, at the hotel Vincci Hélios Beach 4* Djerba.

*Pool at the hotel Vincci Flora Park-Adults Only 4* Hammamet.

And the location couldn’t be better for a relaxing break, situated as it is in the heart of the new resort of Hammamet South.

Hotel Vincci Taj Sultan 5* Hammamet

Are you looking for a 5-star holiday in Tunisia, right on the beach? Then the Vincci Taj Sultán 5* Hammamet- Túnez is the place for you. The resort offers double, triple or quadruple rooms and for families you can choose a suite of up to 80 square metres. You’ll be right at home!

Just as in the other hotels we mentioned above, this Vincci offers you a wonderfully relaxing time, together with a fantastic spa, and all in a unique location, set amidst nature on the coast of the Gulf of Hammamet.

The hotel’s design is spectacular. The pool in particular leaves guests open-mouthed the first time they see it, with a huge waterfall tumbling from a beautiful fountain into the huge pool.

Pool at the hotel Taj Sultan 5* Hammamet, Tunisia.* Pool at the hotel Taj Sultan 5* Hammamet, Tunisia.

Hotel Vincci Lella Baya 4* Hammamet, Tunisia

Right in the heart of Yasmine Hammamet you’ll find this hotel, one of the best in the region. The turquoise waters, which reach right up to the hotel, contrast with its white walls, and the entire building echoes the local culture.

Hotel Vincci Lella Baya 4* Hammamet, Tunisia* Hotel Vincci Lella Baya 4* Hammamet, Tunisia.


The Vincci Lella Baya 4* Hammamet-Túnez has 247 rooms, all in an arabesque style, an elegant spa and a gigantic pool, which is perfect for all the members of the family to cool down this summer.

Hotel Vincci Nozha Beach & Spa 4* Hammamet

If you’re travelling with the family and you don’t want the hassle of carrying your wallet around with you, then this hotel should suit perfectly. By going ‘all-inclusive’ you can forget about everything and enjoy your stay to the maximum, with no limits.

Pool at the hotel Vincci Nozha Beach & Spa 4* Hammamet.

* Pool at the hotel Vincci Nozha Beach & Spa 4* Hammamet.

The Vincci Nozha Beach & Spa 4* Hammamet has been completely renovated and offers shows and entertainment day and night for parents and children, a restaurant to write home about and an amazing spa with ‘balneotherapy’, Arabic hammam and relaxing massages.

Tunisia is waiting for you this summer, so dive in!




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