Vincci Hoteles celebrates turning 18: a young hotel chain that was born to revolutionise tourism

Our hotel chain celebrates its 18th anniversary. Since its launch, it’s grown to encompass a portfolio of 38 four- and five-star properties in Spain, Portugal and Tunisia, with stunning hotels offering perfect experiences adapted to each guest. It’s a young hotel group in constant evolution – one which started out shunning standardisation and which has digitalisation in its DNA, incorporating technological advances that ensure its properties and services are perfectly adapted to its customers. This is how Vincci Hoteles is celebrating turning 18: with the objective of continuing and growing as one of the leading companies in its sector, thanks to plans for new projects and having recorded an increased turnover of 154.6 million euros in 2018.

Vincci Hoteles is celebrating. This March we turn 18! The hotel chain is proudly celebrating coming of age as one of the leading Spanish hotel groups in the four- and five-star sector. Led by the Calero family, since its launch innovation has been one of the chain’s fundamental pillars, continuously adopting the principal technological advances applicable to each business area.

It’s an approach that isn’t just a figure of speech, but a true commitment. And, as an example, a button: the Vive Vincci App, a technological tool designed to make life easy for every guest at each hotel.

We’re young: we were born digital

Just like anyone born 18 years ago, we’ve been focused since the start on the challenges and opportunities of the digital age. “Digitalisation is present in our DNA – all the technological advances introduced to our business model, including those focused on dealing with data, improving the interaction and communication with our customers, automating processes, minimising costs and maximising our efficiency, are to be able to offer the best experience during every stay. The objective is clear: offer a business model that provides added value to our guests”, explains Vincci Hoteles General Manager, Carlos Calero.

18 years of unstoppable growth

The constant focus of the company on continuing to innovate and evolve saw an increase in 2018 of 7% in average room occupation rates over the previous year. The chain finished 2018 with increased turnover of 154.6 million euros. It also registered growth in gross operating profits (EBITDA) of almost 6% compared to the previous year, which shows, according to Carlos Calero, that “it’s been a solid year in terms of objectives achieved”.

The company, despite how young it is, is constantly upgrading its properties and the complementary services it offers, faithful as it is to a spirit of innovation and adaptation to new travellers and new ways of travelling. Proof of this is that Vincci Hoteles in its annual budget devotes between 1.5% and 2% of the gross income of each hotel to updating each property. Furthermore, last year and for the next five years, the chain’s board has approved an extraordinary investment of 4.3 million euros for this year and 2.2 million euros a year for the next five years to upgrading the look&feel of the hotels in line with the latest trends and requirements, such as technological innovation, to improve the properties and ensure they offer guests additional value and connectivity.

Creating new experiences

When you’re an adult you have more freedom and you want to be part of new experiences that allow you to discover new ways of seeing the world. For Vincci Hoteles, “it was a long time ago that we moved from selling beds to selling EXPERIENCES”, says Calero. “It’s the challenge laid down by the unstoppable global trend that is transforming society into one based around pure experiences and of course this is happening in tourism too”. With an unequivocal focus on the personalisation of the customer experience and an obsession with communicating the authentic reality of each destination in every one of the chain’s hotels, with the focus always on the local, our properties are immersed in their local cultures and active participants in them.

We want a better world

Every study shows the same unquestionable data: younger generations particularly value those brands which have a clear policy on social and environmental impacts and returns. Just like its approach to digitalisation, Vincci Hotels has made firm social and environmental commitments.

We are Vincci Hoteles

Our human capital: Vincci Hoteles’ greatest asset. A clear, differentiating element compared to our competitors and an additional quality over and above all the outstanding elements on offer at each of the hotels. Our team of professionals, who are committed to a clear philosophy, currently numbers more than 2,100 with more joining every year – always in line with the chain’s commitment to create stable, quality employment, with outstanding working conditions. A team – an extended family – without which it would have been impossible to grow over these 18 years.



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