Wellness and exotic luxury at Vincci Hoteles’ two new establishments in Tunisia

Our chain has two new destinations in the area: Vincci Marillia 4* (Hammamet) and Vincci El Mansour 4* (Mahdia), both perfect for enjoying the magnificent beaches and traditions of Tunisia. Both complexes have direct access to the beach, extensive gardens, a number of swimming pools, restaurants with varied gastronomy and wellness areas. 2016 brings good … Continue reading “Wellness and exotic luxury at Vincci Hoteles’ two new establishments in Tunisia”

What flower unites Tunisia and Spain?

Located 60 kilometres from Tunis, Hammamet is renowned for the thousands of jasmines that decorate its every corner; flowers that are an integral part of the city’s culture. In spite of being one of the city’s hallmarks, the jasmine isn’t native to Tunisia. It was brought from Spain; in fact it’s a legacy from Tunisians … Continue reading “What flower unites Tunisia and Spain?”

Come and explore Tunisia this summer

Tunis, a city where ancient and modern come together, where the past blends with the present, and where the desert meets the sea. Here the culture is itself a mix of cultures; the Romans, Byzantines and Arabs have all passed through. And here in Tunisia, this summer, the island of Djerba, and the resort of … Continue reading “Come and explore Tunisia this summer”

Lose yourself in the Tunisian delights of Djerba

Between the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara desert is where we found the perfect spot for our hotels. The Tunisian island of Djerba is both welcoming and exotic – the perfect place to offer travellers a thousand delights: a sunset overlooking the sea, a desert tour, a relaxing spa session in an authentic Arabic hammam, … Continue reading “Lose yourself in the Tunisian delights of Djerba”

Celebrate your wedding whith Vincci

Getting married is a very important decision but choosing the proper place is still more important. From the time you take the decision you will spend a lot of time searching the best place. Every couple must overcome this real test with a bit of patience and sense of humor. But celebrating your marriage should … Continue reading “Celebrate your wedding whith Vincci”

This summer choose Tunisia

If you’re still thinking about where to spend your summer holidays, we suggest a destination that won’t disappoint: Tunisia. You’ll be able to enjoy its precious beaches bathed by the Mediterranean and get to know a different culture that will both surprise and captivate you. There are lots of fantastic places to visit in this … Continue reading “This summer choose Tunisia”

We are reopening two of our main hotels in Tunisia!

You know that in Vincci Hotels we don’t like to stay stagnant and that we are always looking to make our establishments evolve and modernize to adapt as best as possible to your tastes and preferences. For this reason, two of our main hotels in Tunisia, our Vincci Djerba Resort 4* (Djerba) and Vincci Taj Sultan 5* … Continue reading “We are reopening two of our main hotels in Tunisia!”

And if the world ends in December? Essential places to go before that happens

Are you one of those who believe the world is going to end this year?  A lot of people believe this. And, according to different theories, the Mayan calender and writings establish that everything will come to an end the 22nd of December. We don’t know if this is true or not but, considering the … Continue reading “And if the world ends in December? Essential places to go before that happens”

Autumn travel with Vincci Hotels

Autumn has arrived. The temperatures have started to go down, the leaves are falling and covering the ground with a yellow and brown carpet. A beautiful time of the year and ideal for a few days getaway. After all, who says travelling is only for summer? You’ve got a lot of options to choose from … Continue reading “Autumn travel with Vincci Hotels”

Discover the most heavenly beaches with Vincci Hotels

Oh the beach! How we love it! How long have we been waiting to roll out our towel on it and let our self be caressed by the sand, the breeze and the sea!  Thankfully everything finally comes and at last it’s time to slip into our swimsuit and head to one of our favorite … Continue reading “Discover the most heavenly beaches with Vincci Hotels”