The Vincci Soho, an “art gallery” thanks to Decoracción

Want to see the facades of the Vincci Soho in Madrid turned into true works of art? Well then come to our hotel in the Barrio of Letras: the establishment has returned once again to participate for the third consecutive year in the contest from the magazine Nuevo Estilo Decoracción 2012, an event that’s started this week and joins together decorators, landscape and Madrid based artists to display their projects throughout the zone.

On the facade of calle Cervantes, the organization Casadecor has designed a simple and original installation out of plastic sheeting that includes different words (decorators, manufacturers, lighting, architects…), which are held in place with red rope and clamps. Made out of low cost materials, the creation covers the wall and its shape looks like that of a house.

The decoration of the facade of calle león, meanwhile, was carried out by the interior design school Iade. Under the title “Cambiando la piel” (Changing the skin), they have produced a 12.78 m long gecko lizard. According to its creators, “the animal” is searching for the sun’s light and symbolizes renewal, evolution, change, and lives with the garden plants in the hotel lobby.

To produce it, they used 5,000 cds that they had already used to decorate the Vincci Soho in previous years.

If we enter the interior of the building we’ll find more surprises: in the lobby is displayed original furniture designed from wooden pallets, furniture that follow the latest trends in design. So we’ll find a dresser, an armchair, an easy chair, a bookcase all produced using this method…

These creations are the work of the five finalists of the Bosch Bricolaje contest, all of them 2nd year students in the Iade Interior Design school, and all are based on the concepts of renewal and re usability, as well as respect for the natural environment.

Feel like seeing these works of art for yourself? Then come to Barrio of Letras and to our Vincci Soho (c/ Prado, 18). Culture is waiting for you!

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