Disconnect from everything thanks to our Vincci Digital Detox Pack

Your mobile doesn’t stop ringing, you receive whatsapp messages every second, your email inbox is full… Doesn’t matter what time or day it is: you can’t disconnect for even one minute. Don’t you think it’s time to stop?

In Vincci we know the importance of being able to free your mind and rest, the need to forget about everything and dedicate your time to be with your partner, family or even alone by yourself. So we’ve put together the Vincci Digital Detox Pack, the best way to “detoxify” yourself and return to your routine recharged.

Upon arrival to the hotel our staff will welcome you with a purifying juice. Then you’ll be asked to hand in all your electronic devices (mobile, mp3, mp4, computer, radio, tablet, etc…) that could disturb your moments of peace and tranquillity you hope to have with us. In exchange we give you a book with some recommendations in order to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.  And, so you relax, we include a spa session as well.

Where can you enjoy this original experience? We let you choose between three hotels: the Vincci Selección Estrella del Mar & Beach Club 5* in Marbella, the Vincci Selección Rumaykiyya 5* in Sierra Nevada (Granada) and the Vincci Selección Buenavista Golf&Spa 5* Lujo in Tenerife.

Marbella relaxation: Vincci Selección Estrella del Mar & Beach Club 5*

Our luxurious Marbella hotel recommends three days of relaxation and disconnecting. Take a look at what’s included in its Digital Detox pack: double rooms with views of the sea, breakfast buffet and access to the exclusive Beach Club Estrella del Mar.

Also we offer different leisure time options:  a local massage for whatever area you like, a thermal circuit for two, a romantic candlelit dinner or an excursion to one of the white villages of Malaga (Benahavís), where you’ll be able to have an adrenaline rush canyoning or descending into the Guadalmina river canyon. All of it for a price of 359 euros per person.

Disconnect in the mountains: Vincci Selección Rumaykiyya 5*

If you love to disconnect in the mountains, don’t miss out on the pack offered by our luxurious Sierra Nevada hotel. Besides staying in a double room with breakfast, we offer a ton of activities so you’ll feel like a kid playing in the snow.

Our recommendations are: a nighttime trip where you’ll go riding on one of the ski slope machines; the First footprint experience, which involves getting up early to be the first one to step on the snow; a ski class; a snowshoe hike, snowmobiles and a dinner in our La Arquería restaurant. All for 475 euros per person.

Forget about everything in Tenerife: Vincci Selección Buenavista Golf&Spa 5* Lujo

Can you think of a better way of relaxing than sunbathing on a Tenerife beach? The Digital Detox Pack of our Vincci Buenavista includes a tailored stay (starting at 120 euros per person/night), and, in addition to a double room with breakfast and spa, also includes interesting activities.  If you are adventurous you can choose between kayaking in the sea, doing a hike through the Masca ravine or the Teno mountains, or paragliding and diving.

If you prefer something a bit calmer you’ve got the option of visiting the volcano marked villages, play golf in the Buenavista golf course, give yourself a Celtic massage, a facial treatment with a banana mask, or even watch the whales!

After everything we’ve told you: don’t you feel like leaving everything behind and disconnecting for a few days? In Vincci we’ll help you do it!

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