“MIND & BODY BALANCE”, the perfect way to find personal harmony and well-being, at the Beach Club Estrella del Mar

Massage & Relax

Hard work, stress and, above all, the daily grind we find ourselves immersed in means living life at 100 miles an hour, sometimes it’s necessary to take a break and recharge our batteries so we can go back to our daily routines full of energy. And while for many the festive season means a break from work, it’s also often a time of overindulgence. So, with the aim of re-establishing a harmonious balance between body and mind and achieving maximum personal well-being, at our Beach Club Estrella del Mar we’re offering “Mind&Body Balance”, the perfect way to pamper yourself both inside and out, in order to achieve perfect equilibrium.

2,500 square metres dedicated to relaxation make our Beach Club in Marbella the perfect place to get away from it all and refresh body and mind. The “Mind&Body Balance” system brings together physical activity, wellness and gastronomy to ensure an experience that is second to none.

Yoga and Ayurveda: well-being for body, mind and spirit. 

We invite you to try one of the best ways of achieving balance between mind and body: yoga. This discipline, as practiced at the Beach Club, allows you to achieve mental and physical control through relaxation and breathing techniques. And yoga doesn’t just improve flexibility and posture, it also relieves stress and increases physical energy levels.

The wellness part of the experience comes in the form of an ancestral Indian techniques: Ayurveda. Abhyanga, an Ayurveda massage technique that uses warm oils and is based on Hindu philosophy, provides profound relaxation, allowing you to mobilise stagnant energy and revitalise your ‘prana’ or life force. The massage activates the lymphatic system to reduce fluid build-up, stimulates the circulation and eliminates tiredness and stress. The treatment finishes with specific herbal infusions to round-off the incredible effects of the experience, just like all our wellness rituals. If you want to enjoy maximum relaxation, the best idea is to complement the treatment with a thermal circuit in the Spa, with a “Sensorial Experience”, and a waterproof MP3 player, allowing you to listen to a selection of relaxing music while you enjoy the pools, jacuzzi and other facilities, both in and out of the water.

To finish off the restoration of perfect individual harmony, we have a gastronomic menu “Eatox” for you. It’s an evolution of the DETOX, and you’ll find a variety of dishes, created from fresh, local produce, allowing you to look after mind and body in a healthy way, to intensify the effects of the “Mind&Body Balance” experience. The menu includes vegetarian specials and gluten-free dishes for those with special dietary needs.


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