Advice for packing a small suitcase

Now with the good weather, weekend getaways or taking a few days off is the best way to escape the stress and chaos of everyday life. Go for two or three days to the beach, visit a new city, or take a walk in nature…These are just a few possibilities to whet the appetite before the long awaited summer holidays.

During these short getaways, a lot of times we’re forced to take with us small suitcases, especially if we’re going by plane and we don’t want to get charged. In the chaos arises doubts as to whether to take something or not. No need to panic! Here we give you some advice for packing a small suitcase and including everything that is necessary:

– The main piece of clothing in a quickly packed suitcase are the pants. The best is to include those that go with everything (jeans, black skinny pants…) and that look good both during the day and at night.

– Along with the pants, the best is to choose two or three shirts and/or t shirts, that go with them. You have to keep in mind, before anything else, the weather of the place you are going and the activities you’re going to do, to decide to go for lighter shirts or long sleeved shirts.

– Two cardigans and a windbreaker, jacket or trench coat, are never a bad idea.The weather is unpredictable! And they are thin garments that don´t take up a lot of space …

– Regarding shoes, put a few flip flops, if you’re going to the beach, along with a pair of sandals. You should also put in a pair of more closed shoes: they don’t occupy a lot of space and it could be that you’ll need them.

– And don’t forget a bikini, if you’re going to swim or sun bath, or an umbrella, if you know that where you’re going it tends to rain.

– Two handkerchiefs or scarves shouldn’t be left out: surely at night you’re going to need them and, in any case, they add an extra nice touch.

– And what about bath and beauty things? The best thing is to stay somewhere that offers guests amenities (shampoo, gel, body lotion…), as you’ll find in our hotels. Vincci provides many of the products you’ll need for your daily bath routine, so you don’t need to pack more than is necessary. Girls will even find a special bath pack with cleansing milk, cotton makeup removers, tissues, tweezers, nail file, nail polish remover, hair brush, cotton buds, hygiene products, cologne, specific cosmetics, a sewing kit and a dryer. Forget bringing these products along with you and save space in your suitcase!

So, if we follow these steps, we’ll pack a suitcase with everything we need to enjoy a few days of rest without needing to carry along huge bundles.

And you, what’s your advice for packing a small suitcase? Is there anything you just can’t leave out in yours?

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