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Zaragoza - Spain
Zaragoza - Spain

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Crossroads and meeting place, Zaragoza reflects its rich and historic heritage in the river Ebro with a capacity to thrill anyone who decides to admire its beauty. It boasts extraordinary sights and landmarks, fruit of its Roman, Muslim, Jewish and Christian past which has led Zaragoza to be known as the “City of the Four Cultures”.

Walking through Zaragoza is to witness the legacy of its wonderful beauty. Cradle of illustrious geniuses, such as Goya, the city maintains a strong personality based on architecturally important monuments and buildings, and on the welcoming nature of the people, which is combined with a delicious cuisine and a full range of diverse leisure and recreational activities for all ages and tastes.

Essential tourist itinery

The Basílica del Pilar:

The Basilica of Nuestra Señora del Pilar is one of the first Marian Christian temples and one of the most important pilgrimage centres in the world, as well as being the symbol of the city.

Every day devotees and visitors admire the verticality of this Baroque cathedral which houses an important artistic heritage. Don’t miss its extraordinary 16th century altarpiece, the choir stalls and the organ. If you want to see the Pilarica, head to the Santa Capilla, where she is decorated with one of her ten crowns and a delicate embroidered robe, symbol of protection for anyone who wants to approach her.

Cathedral of San Salvador:

Zaragoza has the privilege of having two cathedrals. As well as the Basílica del Pilar, there is the Cathedral of San Salvador, built on the site of the oldest and largest mosque in the city. It is one of the best examples of Spanish Mudejar art and houses the Tapestry Museum. A must see!

Lonja de Mercaderes:

Located between the Town Hall and the Forum, and built by the council in the 16th century, the Lonja has an exquisite Renaissance look about it, with an impressive main room with banded columns and a ribbed vaulted ceiling. The perfect setting for admiring any of the interesting exhibitions it holds throughout the year.

La Aljafería:

A World Heritage Site since 1986, the Aljafería is noted for its beautiful Torre del Trovador, an impressive construction chosen by Verdi as the location for his opera “Il Trovadore”. Nearby is the Aljafería Castle-Palace where we can immerse ourselves in the old Taifas kingdom and admire its Throne Room and the famous Santa Isabel patio. Surrounded by horseshoe arches, enjoy the silence and peacefulness of this oasis in the middle of the bustling city. Are you interested in Mudejar art? If so, be sure to also visit the Torreón de Fortea, the Torreón de la Zuda and the Convent of the Santo Sepulcro.

Roman Walls (Murallas de Caesaraugusta):

The city was named after the Roman Emperor Augustus, hence its designation as Caesar Augusta which was later transformed to become “Zaragoza”. Its Roman past can still be seen in the remnants of the walls that protected the city from barbarian invasions in the third century. It had more than 120 towers and was three kilometres in length, and today is still a lofty and challenging 80 metres high, a reminder of its battletorn and glorious past.

Roman Museums:

Zaragoza has four Roman museums that can be visited with a joint entrance ticket: River Port, Public Baths, Caesaraugusta Theatre and the Forum. A tour of this historical legacy is the best way to understand how people lived in the city during the late Roman period, when the population grew to 18,000 inhabitants.

Bridge Pavilion for the Expo 2008:

Designed by the Iranian architect Zara Hadid for the 2008 International Exhibition on Water and Sustainable Development, this pavilion looks into the future. It connects both sides of the river Ebro and houses an exhibition room that deserves to be visited if only to admire its amazing location.

Leisure time in Zaragoza

In the land of Goya:

Works by the most universal Aragonese artist can be found at the Basílica del Pilar, the Museum of Zaragoza, the Cartuja de Aula Dei and the Camón Aznar Museum. The perfect way to get closer to his frescos, portraits and engravings, and become more aware of his genius.

Luis Buñuel Water Park:

Just behind the Expo area there are different prepared circuits for the more adventurous visitor: climbing walls, bridges, zip wires, white water areas and kayaking are some of the activities that can be enjoyed here, adapted for different levels of ability and perfect for families.

Zaragoza River Aquarium:

A magical setting offering the opportunity not only of admiring the most exotic fish and fearsome piranhas and crocodiles, but also to sleep and enjoy their company on theme nights organised at different times of the year. Just take your sleeping bag and prepare to have fun! You can also take part in fun-filled gymkhanas and in a host of related underworld activities that will see you waking up with a smile on your face.

The Tube:

In the heart of  Zaragoza is its beautiful old quarter, the ideal place to leisurely wander around and enjoy its wonderful shops and taverns, and the spectacular graffiti that makes this area a true outdoor urban museum. You can access this picturesque network of narrow streets from Plaza de España. Then just get carried away by the charm of some of its most historic streets: Mártires, 4 de Agosto, Libertad, Ossau, Cinegio, Estébanes, Blasón Aragonés, Pino and Plaza Sas. Never was wasting time so rewarding!


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