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At just 12 kilometres from the centre of the tourist town of Zarzis, and 50 kilometres from Djerba-Zarzis International Airport, the location of Vincci Safira Palmis 4* is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the surroundings. 

Zarzis, in the southeast of Tunisia, is considered the Gate to the Great South. A bright destination that combines the ability to marvel at the immensity of the beach and the desert, in an unforgettable contrast of sensations.

Voluptuous dunes give way to soaring palm trees in an area of great beauty, open to traveller’s inexhaustible curiosity. Access the beach directly and bathe in the turquoise waters, or let the Tunisian sun caress your body as you lie on the sugar-white sand. These are just a couple of the possibilities that the surroundings offer.


  1. Houmt Souk: In Houmt Souk you can watch the locals work on the various crafts synonymous with the region. Ceramic pieces made by hand, clothing and wicker baskets weaved using traditional tools dating back to the times of Anibal. All of which are available to purchase on the numerous stalls and street markets. A living narrative of the areas history can be found in its more than 200 mosques. One which is really worth a visit is the Sidi Brahim el Jamni, dating back to the 18th century its more of a fort than a temple of worship, right beside this you’ll find a typical Hamman which only welcomes men in the mornings and women in the afternoon. With so many to choose from you won’t manage to see them all but a few other “must sees” include the Turkish Mosque whose turret holds 3 tombs or the Borj el Kebir arab fortress built in the 15th century by Abi Fares Al Hafsi of the Hafsi dynasty on the shores of the island to defend themselves from the attacking Spanish Armada.
  2. La Sinagoga de La Ghriba: Found in the Hara Sghira neighbourhood, this is one of the oldest synagogues in the world. Beautifully decorated with typical tiles,woodwork and stained glass. Along with the 1000+ local Jewish community it’s a regular pilgrimage site for jewish living all over Tunisia and Europe (mainly France).
  3. Museo de las Artes Tradicionales: Situated in the Sidi Zitouni Mausoleum on the outskirts of Houmt Souk, you’ll find the beautiful building with it’s spectacular dome housing an interesting collection of art, crafts, traditional attire and jewels of the region with Arabic and Jewish influences
  4. Guellala: This village is where you’ll find the locals applying their pot making skills in the numerous workshops and galleries most of which are on Romdhane Ben Mahmoud street. Don’t forget to ask for the “magic camel”, a vase with holes on either side which lets the air pass through it but not the water.
  5. Djerba Explore: Not a long way from the Taguermess lighthouse in the tourist resort of Midoun you’ll find this aquatic parque. In the huge tanks or lounging under the palm and banana trees you get to see the parks 400 crocodiles.



  1. There is lots on offer, from sailing up the coast to visiting the island of pink flamingos to camping out in the desert, excursions available to Tataouine, Chenini, Matmata, Gabes, Ksar Ghilane to name but a few.
  2. Zarzis: Nearby the island of Djerba is Zarzis. Zarzis is the last port in Tunisia before arriving to Libia. The farming and fishing city has some idyllic beaches with white sands and crystal clear waters to tempt visitors. It’s clear waters also make it a particularly good place for the sport fisherman. Despite being a tourist haven with some excellent hotels and resorts, Zarzis has still managed to remain “untouched”. It’s unspoilt landscape, where olive and fruit trees grow in harmony with the cities inhabitants provide chance to get the best of both world.


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