Oporto’s historic Bolsa do Pescado is reborn as VINCCI PORTO

VINCCI opens a new hotel in the centre of Porto, in the landmark Bolsa do Pescado building, with an avant-garde design that maintains the soul of this eclectic 1930s fish market.

Oporto, Portugal’s northern capital, baptised by the poet Luís de Camões as The eternal name of Portugal, has been chosen by hotel chain VINCCI as the site for their latest hotel, one which has a character all of its own. With a privileged location on the banks of the River Douro, the VINCCI PORTO 4* is the second hotel the company has opened in Portugal, alongside the VINCCI BAIXA in Lisbon.

The building in which the hotel is located has been completely renovated, with the original construction being the eclectic Bolsa do Pescado fish market, dating from the 1930s. The original construction was by architect Januário Godinho and it has now been turned into a unique hotel under the direction of hotel chain VINCCI. The project is part of the company’s commitment to restoring, in European cities, architecturally important buildings that have fallen into disuse, in order to give them a new lease of life and make them once again an integral part of the city’s life.

The four star hotel preserves, almost in its entirety, the structure of the original building, an old fish market, in the façade of which can be seen noteworthy bas-reliefs evoking the life of the city’s local fishermen. Architect José Carlos Cruz and construction company Lucios are behind the conversion project, and focused on conserving the initial structure of Januário Godinho, due to its historical value to the city.

Hotel en Portugal Vincci Porto

VINCCI PORTO promises guests a complete gastronomic and cultural experience to allow them to fully enjoy this Portuguese city; a city where VINCCI were determined to have a presence. “Its great sea-port tradition, contrasting with its avant-garde openness, its historic centre, recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and its agreeable temperature in every season of the year, make Oporto a dream destination, that brings together culture, relaxation and fine food”, says Carlos Calero, general manager of VINCCI.

“At VINCCI we’ve been in love with the city for a long time and we wanted to be present there, in a special way, and it’s a thrill to run a hotel of this type, located in such a special building and to be able to bring it back to life”, continues Calero.

Hotel en Portugal Vincci Porto

The project, which has created 46 jobs, was, according to Calero, “a big challenge for the hotel chain, reconverting a public and commercial space into a hotel, but a challenge which has been more than met and which we now hope will be enjoyed by everyone who has been dazzled, like us, by the city’s attractions”.

The hotel VINCCI PORTO has 95 rooms with free WIFI and private parking. Of note is its main conference hall, for events and conventions, as well as its bar-lounge.

The design has followed a careful art-deco style, which can be seen in its ample, well-lit spaces. The à la carte restaurant, 33 Alameda, with space for 88 people, offers a varied selection of local and international haut-cuisine dishes, making the hotel’s gastronomic offering one of its crown jewels.

The hotel is located by the River Duero, offering a privileged view of its course to where it flows into the Atlantic. The hotel’s location, right in the city centre, gives guests the possibility of experiencing all of the city’s riches, sampling the local cuisine, visiting the wine cellars and enjoying a thrilling cultural offering as well as the vibrant night-life.Come. Surprise yourself. Discover more than 35 four and five star hotels where every experience is unique. Open your eyes. Come on in. Enjoy the most privileged locations. Look. Touch. Feel the design and a style that can be appreciated in every detail. Unwind. Relax. Let yourself be pampered by a service where you are the centre of attention. Dream. Smile. Live. You’re in a Vincci.




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