And the Oscar for Best Hotel goes to…

The red carpet has been put o rest after the 86th Academy Awards ceremony. The event was full of glamour, emotion, joy, disappointment and celebration. Several Hollywood stars will wake up today with a little golden figurine that not only will decorate their living room, but also shall influence their careers in the years to come.

At Vincci Hotels, we have been thinking on how many times hotels have been the scenario of many great films, inspiring the masters of cinema to create unique stories.

Among those iconic films we can find ‘Some Like it Hot’, filmed at Hotel del Coronado, San Diego, California. Billy Wilder, Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis turned this hotel into a Hollywood legend.

We travel to Tokio to find another hotel made famous by a film: the Park Hyatt Hotel, scenario of the Award winning ‘Lost in Translation’. In the hotel’s bar, Bob Harris (Bill Murray) and Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson) meet and establish a relation that becomes more intimate as they visit the city together and find common ground in the emptiness in their lives.

Another hotel made famous by a film is the Miami Fontainebleau, where the gangster Tony Montana (Al Pacino), has an argument with Manny (Steven Bauer) by the pool in ‘Scarface’.

We cannot exclude from this list one of the cinema’s most legendary love stories: ‘Pretty Woman’. At the luxurious Presidential suit of Regent Beverly Wilshire hotel, Richard Gere, incarnates a millionaire who falls in love with a beautiful prostitute – a part that earned Julia Roberts an Academy Award nomination

But our own Oscar for Best Hotel has to go to the Vincci Capitol hotel, in Madrid. In it, Alex de la Iglesia directed one of the Spanish film-making most iconic scenes for his film ‘El Día de la Bestia’. It is impossible to forget actor Santiago Segura and his companions, hanging from the famous Schweppes sign – located between 10th and 11th floors, behind the hotel’s most demanded suits.



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