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Throughout our 19-year history, Vincci Hoteles has always overcome adversity thanks to our solid values and by working as a unified team with a firm commitment to society and, of course, to each and every one of our guests.

In light of the far-reaching circumstances brought on by COVID-19, both nationally and internationally, and monitoring the frantic pace of events and diverse information flows, we are striving to offer speedy and accurate information to all our guests at all times.

The situation we are experiencing has undoubtedly caught everyone off-guard. This unprecedented health crisis has forced us to alter the normal functioning of all areas of our company. Consequently, we wish to offer our most sincere apology for any inconvenience we may have caused you and your family.

For any modifications or needs regarding your booking, please contact directly the establishment that corresponds to your booking.
If you made your booking with an online travel agency or some other travel agent, we suggest that you contact the booking provider for the relevant information.

At Vincci Hoteles, we are sending our full support to those affected, to healthcare staff and to all professionals who contribute to the daily functioning of society at this time. We also thank you for your trust, understanding and cooperation, and we look forward to welcoming you at our hotels very soon.


Vincci Hoteles presents VINCCI CARE, a hallmark of outstanding quality that operates under a single message: "Vincci Hoteles takes care of you", which sums up the hotel chain's commitment to offering trust through the care and well-being of its guests and staff, respecting to the utmost degree the type of stay that each guest wishes to have. VINCCI CARE encompasses all the measures that the hotel chain had already developed and implemented during its nineteen years of history relating to hygiene, sustainability, social commitment, technology and guest well-being; and all those that are now being implemented to respond to the current situation, with the aim of providing maximum trustworthiness.
At Vincci Hoteles, we are working on an internal action plan for the entire chain, which strengthens the high standards of hygiene and quality that we already had in place. A plan in which standards are raised even further by creating demanding protocols that enable guests and employees to be cared for, meeting the new challenges in these areas.
If you want to know more about our internal action plan, you will find all the information here: VINCCI CARE
Do you want to know how Vincci Hoteles takes care of you? COVID-19 Customer Experience Protocol.
We offer free health coverage during your stay. Check conditions here: Quirón Salud Healthcare.


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