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  • Cáceres


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Cáceres, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1986, displays a splendor with one of the most important collection of historic buildings in Spain. Wandering its cobbled streets and admiring its pretty squares, towers, palaces and stately homes is to step back in time and discover a bygone age.

In Cáceres every stone speaks of a unique historic moment, reflected in the well preserved and beautiful civic and religious buildings. Periods of splendor without interruption, in a setting that has remained intact for centuries, as though waiting for our arrival.

The sound of your footsteps on the cobblestones of the narrow streets, which look as if they were lifted from the pages of a fairy tale, will be your only contact with reality in surroundings where time has appeared to have stood still. Cáceres is a city that vibrates with and imparts history, always maintaining its ability to surprise at the highest level. It is the perfect place for a weekend break.

Vincci Valdecañas Golf 4*
Autovía A5 – Salida 163, 10392, Isla de Valdecañas, El Gordo, Cáceres, España
Coordenates: 39.839564, -5.372307
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Essential tourist itinery

Plaza Mayor:

Meeting place for locals and obligatory stop for visitors. Plaza Mayor, with its distinctive elongated shape, is closed by the Town Hall, which occupies a 19th century classical style building, at one end and by the city walls and archwayed entrance into the old town by the other. If you visit at night, you will be delighted by the culinary offer of its restaurants and bars.

Torre de Bujaco:

Rebuilt by the Almohads in the 12th century, it is worth climbing to the top so you can enjoy one of the best views of the city. Here your camera will become your greatest ally. Other towers that are worth visiting include Torre de los Púlpitos, the ancient Torre de la Yerba and Torre de Sande, covered by its characteristic climbing plant which makes it quite unique.

Plaza de Santa María:

When we find ourselves in the centre of this square, we realise we are surrounded by century old buildings, from the cathedral-church of Santa María, with its sculpture of a Black Christ inside, and the Palacio de Carvajal, with its beautiful courtyard and gardens, to the house of Hernando de Ovando and the Bishop’s Palace, and the Diputación Provincial and House of the Mayoralgo.

Foro de los Balbos and Atrio del Corregidor:

Cáceres hides surprising places, such as Pilar de San Francisco, with its 16th century Plateresque trough, or the statue of the goddess Ceres, a replica of which can be found at the Museum of the Veletas. Discovering one of these means we are taking full advantage of our walk.

Palacio de los Golfines de Abajo:

This beautifully built palace has two distinctive architectural styles: the Gothic fortress house from the 15th century and the Plateresque façade from the 16th century.

Palacio de los Golfines de Arriba:

Belonging to the famous Golfín family, this impressive house was built between the 14th and 15th centuries. Only three of its four towers survive today. The Torre del Homenaje, located in the centre of the building, is the most impressive of them all.

Palacio de la Generala:

This exquisite palace was the home of the Monroy family. In the 17th century María Josefa de Osvando, wife of General Antonio Vicente de Arce, lived here which is why it is known as the Casa de la Generala.

Plaza de San Jorge:

Presiding over this square is the bronze stautue of St. George, patron saint of Cáceres, and the dragon which always accompanies him, and here we can also see the Gothic Casa de los Becerra, and the stunning façade of the church of San Francisco Javier, which displays its great Jesuit past. Neither should we miss the Plaza de San Mateo, which leads to the squares of San Pablo and Las Veletas.

Church of San Mateo:

Previously a mosque then later a Christian temple of worship, the main body of this church is Gothic in style, but its tower was built in the late 18th century. Another tower that shouldn’t be missed is that of the Cigüeñas (Storks) at the Palacio de los Cáceres Ovando, which still proudly preserves its century old battlements.

Judería Vieja (old Jewish quarter):

The narrow, steep alleyways, as though part of a laberynth enticing you inside, will make you imagine how it was to live in olden times. Here we come across the hermitage of San Antonio and the house of the Judío Rico (Rich Jew). Just enjoy whatever you discover.


Leisure time in Cáceres

Provincial Archaeological Museum:

Located in the beautiful Palacio de las Veletas, one of the few buildings of the time without defensive elements. The original palace was built in the late 15th century but was fully restored in 1600. Walking through the rooms, you will enjoy the displays as much as the surroundings. Don’t miss the cistern built by the Almohads that today still has an aura of darkness, silence and mystery, with its horseshoe arches and semi-submerged columns. It has remained unchanged over the centuries.

Paseo de Cánovas:

This landscaped walkway forms part of the Avenida de España, an essential enclave of Cáceres. Here we will see the Gran Teatro of Cáceres and the Calle de San Pedro, perfect for a few hours of shopping or for enjoying a drink and its wonderful atmosphere.

Maltravieso Caves:

Located in the park of the same name, next to Avenida de Cervantes, the caves offers the opportunity to see Late Paleolithic paintings.

Food shopping in the old quarter:

In the streets of the old quarter, there are shops selling traditional products, such as tortas, biscuits and cakes, as well as local wines and liquors made from cherries from Valle del Jerte. You can also find artesan cheeses, fig and chestnut cakes, Vera paprika and, of course, delicious cured ham.


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