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  • Meetings and Events - Vincci Bit 4*
  • Meetings and Events - Vincci Bit 4*
  • Meetings and Events - Vincci Bit 4*


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  • Meetings and Events - Vincci Bit 4*
  • Meetings and Events - Vincci Bit 4*
  • Meetings and Events - Vincci Bit 4*

If a unique event is what you are looking for, dare to choose something different. At Vincci Bit, we have a variety of options to ensure that all of your requirements are met. Nevertheless, all of them reflect the exclusivity of holding an original event in a space somewhere between a hotel and a museum. 

From their moment of arrival, your guests will enjoy the work of countless renowned international and national street art artists, who have left their mark on the hotel's walls. This also hints that what awaits inside is original, unique and very different to everything else.

This hotel in Barcelona, which boasts a strategic location close to the CCIB conference centre, has four fully-equipped rooms for a range of corporate events. Cutting-edge audiovisual equipment and advanced communication systems represent an added value that will guarantee a professional , comfortable and effective event.

If you prefer a more intimate space with a surprise factor, Vincci Bit is also pleased to offer areas like the pool terrace, which reveals fantastic bird's eye views of the city. Yet another benefit that means all the cards are in your hand. 


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  Floor m2 Height Daylight Theater School "U" Imperial Banquet Cocktail
Sala Loop -1º 40 2,90 No 30 20 18 24 32 50
Sala Wupu -1º 70 2,90 No 50 40 25 35 55 45
Sala Loop+Wupu -1º 111 2,90 No 80 60 42 22 87 95
Sala Soer 37 2,90 Yes 30 20 19 29 30 45


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