You can judge someone by the suitcase they use…

They go with you wherever you go, visiting every corner of the world that you visit. A faithful travel companion that never lets you down and is with you every day, step by step, on your journey.

We could even talk in terms of a ‘friend’. Sensible, tough, big or small, vintage or modern. And no matter the type, it’s a friend that holds your most intimate secrets.

So say hello to that most important travel companion, the suitcase

Suitcases. / Picture:

Suitcases on film

Luggage is an eternal part of human travelling, an accessory that describes the style, even the social position, of the person who carries it. You could even say: “you can judge someone by the suitcase they use”. And the fashion in luggage, like everything, has evolved over the years.

Cinema has recorded that evolution on film: a journey through the years with different types of suitcases. Remember the vintage luggage of the legendary ‘Some like it hot’, the passengers’ trunks in ‘Titanic’ or Mary Poppin’s bottomless bag.


Scene of Some Like It Hot

Advice for packing a suitcase

Now that it’s holiday time, it’s your turn. We know that it’s not the most entertaining thing to have to think about everything you have to remember and all those little ‘just-in-case’ items. But following these steps even the most sluggish packer will find it a breeze.

– Don’t leave it to the last minute: a couple of days before you go, pop a big basket in your room and you can go along throwing in the stuff you’ll need for your trip as you come across it. Make a list so you don’t forget anything too.

– Take non-iron clothes: meaning you won’t have to take an iron, or find one on your travels and you’ll have more time to enjoy your holiday, either on the beach or at the pool, and not standing at an ironing board. Look for travel clothes that don’t crease easily.

– Take advantage of free samples: we’ve all been given small free samples of perfume, body lotion or toothpaste at some time or another; well now is the time to use them! Pop them in your wash kit and they’ll come in incredibly handy.

– Set a time to pack: it’ll force you to organise yourself and you’ll feel obliged to get it on with it if you’ve set a fixed time to pack. Don’t let laziness get the better of you!

– Buy products where you’re going: you don’t need to take everything with you from home. Provided you’re not going to the middle of the desert or outer space, there will be shops where you’re going, where you can pick up a few things, such as shampoo or soap for example.

– Don’t take travel items out of your case: you’ll want to take the clothes out when you get home, of course, but things like adaptors or inflatable pillows can be left in there for the next trip, and you won’t forget them!

– Learn to fold a suit without a single crease: Have a look at this video. It’ll show you exactly how to fold a jacket and trousers so they come out perfect. [This video is in Spanish but there are lots of videos on the internet showing how to fold clothes]

– Know what activities are planned for your trip: pack for your plans whether it’s black-tie dinners or safaris… it’ll make it much easier to come up with your list for your suitcase.

– Wear the bulkiest clothes while travelling

Following these tips you’ll have your suitcase ready in no time, and this video will give you tips on ensuring everything fits…

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