Win dinner in a Vincci hotel by telling us ‘what not to do while looking for romance…’ Make sure this St. Valentine’s you have a #PerfectDate!

Vincci are looking for entertaining stories for a perfect St. Valentine’s Day.

Have you ever wanted to tell somebody how much you wanted to see them, only for the autocorrect to change the message to something entirely different? Were you horrified to find a bird-dropping on your jacket while you had coffee with the man who would end up being the father of your children? Have you ever sent flowers to the wrong person? Did you ever sit glamorously down in an elegant restaurant, only to discover, from the vantage point of the floor, that the seat wasn’t in fact where you thought it was? No doubt at some point you’ve had that ‘earth swallow me now’ feeling, though now you remember it with a smile as an amusing story!

And now that incident could win you an amazing dinner at a Vincci hotel so that, whether with the person it happened to you with or the person who’s with you now, you can have a romantic rendezvous and transform that moment into a wonderful evening.

How do I take part?

You can take part on Facebook, writing your story on our app on Facebook, or on Twitter with the hashtag #citaperfecta (‘Perfect Date’ in Spanish)

In order to win you’ll need to be a follower of our account on the social network you use to take part. So don’t forget to follow us! The winners will be announced the day before St. Valentine’s, Friday 13 February.

See the competition rules here.


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