Why do we remember our dreams?

The world of our dreams is as fascinating and magical as it is little known and understood by science. Over history, dreams have inspired legends, tormented us through many a night, and gifted us moments we would have loved to live in the real world.

It’s estimated that we have around five dreams a night. Because we all dream. Every one of us. But, why do some nights we remember our dreams vividly and others we have so-called dream amnesia?

Why don’t I remember what I dreamt?

As of today the exact reason isn’t known, but there are various theories. Freud said our dreams are our desires, and if we don’t remember them it’s because our brains have blocked them, feeling unprepared to deal with them (always in relation to sex, of course).

Other theories suggest that we don’t remember dreams that we didn’t find interesting, that we didn’t pay attention to, or that we are unable to understand. It seems we are better equipped to understand the ordered as opposed to the chaotic, particularly where something lacks any meaning.

Of the 90 minutes, according to Freud, that we dream each night, we forget 90-95%. Nearly everything! However, some people remember more and some of the reasons for that may be set out in a French study published in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology.

According to the report, we have a type of ‘information processing centre’ in the brain; the more active it is, the more dreams are remembered. It’s easy – people who are more easily stimulated have mini-awakenings while they sleep, favouring the brain processing and putting their dreams into memory. The sleeping brain isn’t capable of remembering dreams; it needs to wake up to do so.

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What does dreaming of a bed mean?

The meaning of dreams, as we know, is all relative, and of course has no scientific basis. But it’s always fun to imagine, so if you’ve dreamt of a bed, we reckon it could mean the following.

If you’re sleeping peacefully in the bed, it means you’ve reached optimal emotional equilibrium. Are the sheets white and brand new? Then your dream is about introspection and inner peace. But if the bed is dirty, messed-up or broken, the dream is warning you about your insecurities and low self-esteem.

But there’s more. If in your dream you’re going round and round a bed it could mean you feel alone, but if the bed is outdoors, get ready for success at work and in your love life.

And if there’s a stranger in your bed? Relax, it’s not about having an affair. It could be that you’re very open and willing to make friends just a bit too soon.

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