What flower unites Tunisia and Spain?

Located 60 kilometres from Tunis, Hammamet is renowned for the thousands of jasmines that decorate its every corner; flowers that are an integral part of the city’s culture.

In spite of being one of the city’s hallmarks, the jasmine isn’t native to Tunisia. It was brought from Spain; in fact it’s a legacy from Tunisians returning from Al-Andalus. At that time people would hide jasmine seeds in their clothes, as it wasn’t permitted to export them. This age-old link between the two places also brought other influence, which can be seen in the Andalusian touches in the architecture.

The streets, the gardens, the shops and the balconies; definitively, the heart of Hammamet smells of jasmine. A fragrance that now forms part of the landscape of the country and is also the raw material for many goods.

jazmin hammamet tunez

The flowers are part of Hammamet’s economy, with goods on sale at the souks and small markets, where you can buy (along with the well-known haggling) from a bouquet to a jasmine necklace.

The plant is of such importance that the resort area in the south was given the Arabic term for the flower: Yasmine Hammamet. It’s a paradise where Vincci has four hotels, which you’ll fall in love with.

Spa hotels in Hammamet, Tunisia

The Vincci Taj Sultan 5* is a resort covering four hectares of fun and entertainment. With a beachfront location, it’s one of the finest five star hotels in the area. It has singles, doubles, triples, quadruples, suites and also family rooms measuring 82 square metres.

vincci taj sultan hammamet tunez

*Vincci Taj Sultán 5* Hammamet, Tunisia.

Our four star hotel Vincci Lella Baya is surrounded by white sand and turquoise waters and is a mix of modernity and tradition. The nearly 250 rooms reflect that tradition with their ‘arabesque’ décor. The views, whether over the sea or the gardens, are spectacular.

Hotel vincci lella baya hammamet tunisia

*Vincci Lella Baya 4* Hammamet,Tunisia.

If you’re travelling with children we’d recommend you choose Vincci Nozha Beach & Spa 4*, the only Vincci in Tunisia which offers an ‘all inclusive’ option. The hotel has been recently refurbished and there’s non-stop entertainment – you won’t have a moment to be bored.

vincci nozha beach * Vincci Nozha Beach & Spa 4* Hammamet, Tunisia.

Finally, there’s Vincci Flora Park-Adults Only 4*, a charming resort, built in an Arabic-Moorish style that brings together simplicity and comfort. The beach is just 400 metres from the hotel, which is located in the heart of the new spa area of South Hammamet.

Vincci Flora Park-Adults Only 4** Vincci Flora Park-Adults Only 4* Hammamet, Tunisia.

Why not give yourself the pleasure of enjoying the wonderful scent of jasmine that wafts through the streets of Hammamet.


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