We have a winner in our Christmas competition #TuDeseoVincci (Your Vincci Wish), who is off on a trip to Tunisia!

A lot of wishes have been exchanged this Christmas with the Vincci App. You wished for “a better world for everyone, with peace and love…” Some sent the wish that they could go on a trip with their loved ones… One young lady closed her eyes and wished with all her might that her company would open an office in Barbados and send her there as head of events…

Celilia Cristina wished for “a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And that this year is much better than 2014, and the people can have a better life, with work, health and love”. Emilio wanted to “retiiiiiiiiiiire”… and Beatriz wished for “new moments and unforgettable experiences.”


TudeseoVincciYou sent wishes that were sweet, others deep, some focused on the festive season… But this time round it wasn’t us that chose which entry, in this case the ‘author of a wish’, together with the person of their choice, would win an amazing ‘all-inclusive’ week in our hotel in Hammamet (Tunisia) Vincci Nozha Beach & Spa 4* … On this occasion it was luck that picked the winner. And the chosen wish is entry number 54, which corresponds to the following desire:

That we find the perfect balance between achieving and desiring, between deeds and dreams!

Written by Laura Ramos Cardona. Congratulations, we’ll be in touch with you by e-mail to give you the details of the prize.


sorteo Vincci Hoteles

From us here at Vincci we’d like to thank everyone who sent us your wishes using our Christmas App and, above all, we hope that your wishes come true. Because if there is something we truly believe in it’s that:

If you can wish for it, you can achieve it… so go for it!



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