Virtual Tours in 3D of Lisbon, Salamanca, Valladolid, ‘El Alcázar of Seville’ and ‘Casa Batllo’

Strolling round Spain’s most beautiful cities and visiting its most famous landmarks from your living room is a click away. So today, us here at Vincci would like to take you on a whirlwind virtual tour, so you can better choose your next real trip away. Ready to come?

Virtual tour of the ‘Alcázar of Sevilla’…Explore this fortress/palace that was recently used as a scene for ‘Game of Thrones’ from your own home, and no doubt you’ll start thinking it would be more than worthwhile to make the journey to Seville, for a visit to one our country’s most beautiful cities. Our hotel, the Sevilla Vincci La Rábida4* is waiting for you, with its Andalusian indoor patio that will take your breath away. Don’t miss this hotel that’s a slice of pure Seville!

Hoteles en Sevilla Vincci La Rabida




Virtual tour of Casa Batllo

Lose yourself in the world of Gaudí and experience on your computer the reason why you can’t waste another day without organising a trip to Barcelona. The beauty of this building is just a sample of all that’s waiting for you in Barcelona, with scenes to impress your eyes and people and places to warm your soul. The hallways at the hotel Vincci Bit 4* are full of incredible murals, offering you a place to stay that’s full of art and colour; Vincci Gala 4* will take you inside the world of Dalí; and the natural illumination in the Vincci Marítimo, on the Diagonal del Mar, will give you a light that will brighten up your days long after you’re back at home.

Hotel en Barcelona Vincci Bit

Virtual night tour of the streets of Salamanca

Strolling through the illuminated streets of Salamanca by night and enjoying the magic of its imposing landmarks is also a virtual possibility, but if you do it for real you’ll breathe in its Castilian air, get to know the locals and enjoy its incredible cuisine.


A stroll from the centre, away from the bustle of the weekend nights, you’ll find the Vincci Ciudad de Salamanca 4*, a hotel that not only guarantees you a good night’s rest, but also offers you every type of amenity.

Tour virtual of the Rivers of Light in Valladolid

Its well worth taking a wander round this beautiful city, among the fountains that have specially designed illumination to create a spectacular atmosphere. And for relaxing, we’d recommend, whether you’re there on the weekend for fun or during the week for business, you come to the hotel Valladolid Vincci Frontaura 4*. Our spa alone makes us the place to be!

spa frontaura

Virtual tour of the streets of Lisbon

The Internet also allows us to explore the streets of one of Europe’s most special cities, and even get on board one of its trams. But to stroll the streets of Saramago and Pessoa, touch the walls of the narrow alleys, listen to live Fado… You can only do that if you’re there, living the city in real life. For a place to stay, Vincci has the perfect spot, the Vincci Baixa 4*, right in the centre. Terraces, a huge range of shops, all frequented by musicians and artists. The hotel’s location will ensure you throw yourself into Lisbon with the intensity the city deserves.

tranvía Lisboa

Have a good ‘virtual’ trip… and we hope you then have a great real trip too!

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