Vincci Style: hit on the right choice with Christmas presents!

The Three Wise Men are coming close and in Spain people start to hurry in order to find the best gift for family and friends. What to choose? Where to look for? Those are the eternal dilemma.

In Vincci Hotels we have always seen design and decoration as a means to make feel our guests in home. Precisely, we offer you a varied and selected range of design and decorative ítems that you will be able to buy from our website.

Vincci Style was conceived as a way to answer our guest’s requests to find out where to acquire the decorative products that make unique our hotels.

Philippe Stark, Arturo Álvarez or Otto Canalda are some of the prestigious designers that have created the products that you will find in Vincci

Decorative lighting, furnishing,… products that combine design and comfort. All of them selected by Vincci Hotels for what matters most: guests. You can get them safely, comfortably and quickly from home. Have a look on Vincci Style products and hit on the right choice this Christmas.

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