Vincci urban spas: an oasis in the city

The stress of the city and work is sometimes overwhelming. The ideal thing would be to get away from time to time, escape for a few days but we don’t always have time to do so. Still, we need to rest, to get the  body and mind away from the things that are worrying us. Even if it’s only for a few hours. So Vincci Hotels has got available for you our urban hotel’s spas: relax and slip away without leaving home.

In our Nammu Corner thermal centers, the urban version of our Nammu Areas Spa, you’ll find the most state of the art thermal techniques with the latest generation of hydro massage baths, jets, therapeutic muds, aesthetics  as well as cosmetics of the highest quality created by highly experienced professionals.

Also to guarantee total intimacy and comfort, our Nammu Corners are completely exclusive and private. In them you can relax in the way you like best: alone without anybody to disturb you, or, if you prefer, in company (up to four persons maximum). And its because our Nammu Corners are also perfect to plan a bit of relaxation with you partner or friends. You choose.

You’ll find a protocol recommended for using the facilities and, if you wish, you can complete a session with any of the professional treatments we offer. If you’d like to submerge yourself in a world of peace and relaxation, go for the anti stress or relaxation treatments:  you’ll swim in pools with different temperatures, try out the water jets, and get a massage.

And if you also feel like taking care of yourself, we provide beauty treatments (with body peeling, hydro massage baths and facial hydration) to comprehensive care (body peeling, nammu bath, water jets and facial hydration) and apple therapy, which includes body peeling, spa treatment mask and body hydration.

Other treatments we offer to make you come out feeling like new are the abdominal and reducer firming treatments, fango massages and even one exclusively for the eyes that will make them shine wonderfully.

Among the different baths you can try in our Nammu centers you’ll find ones with bubbles, hydro massages and  showers like waterfall and contrast showers, which will help you rid yourself of tension in the shoulder and neck and stimulate circulation to relieve heavy legs.

In the dry sauna you’ll eliminate toxins through sweating and the steam room sauna will clean your airways, alleviate tension and activate blood circulation. After the heat, try the ice fountain: it tones muscles and reduces pain.

Your asking where you can find these true oases in the city? We’ve got Nammu Corners in our Vincci Capitol 4* and Vincci Vía 66 4* in Madrid and in our Vincci Frontaura 4* in Valladolid. Also, it’s not necessary to be staying in the hotels to access them. You can enjoy them whenever you want to forget about stress and take care of yourself. In our spas, we guarantee you’ll really be able to do it. We’re waiting for you!

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