Vincci Spas: start off the year with renewed energy

Everyone likes to start off the year with renewed energy, leaving the stress and worries of the last twelve months behind. Often times we need to be well taken care of to renew our energy, get rid of everyday stress and feel good. You know: a good massage, a full body peeling, and a facial treatment… In Vincci Hotels we want to start the year in the best way possible, we want you to relax, feel free, and look perfect, and so we offer our Nammu areas, where you´ll find that haven of peace you need to feel good.

The Nammu thermal centers, located in Vincci hotels, offer the most modern and advanced thermal techniques in the current market, incorporating the latest generation of hydro massage baths, water jets, therapeutic mud and esthetics, high quality cosmetics and recognized professional experience.

Circuits and treatments

We offer different circuits and treatments, some of which are focused on beauty and others on general well being, so that you can choose what is best suited to meet your needs at any moment. Our thermal treatments seek to provide relaxation and tranquility, and always use water as the main element. Likewise we have an anti-stress program that includes the Nammu bath, water jets and local Celtic massage, the marine spa, with seaweed wrapping (to remineralize, oxygenate, and balance the body), and Apple Therapy (rejuvenating treatment aimed to clean, hydrate and purify the skin, adding brightness and eliminating toxins, and draining liquids and fats).

We also offer different circuits, with various treatments available, as for example the waterfall and contrast shower, that liberates shoulder and neck tension, promotes circulation and removes the feeling of heaviness from the legs through its contrast with the water jets. The ice fountain, for its part, involves a rubbing down of the entire body after the sauna, which improves circulation, tones muscles and gets rid of pain. Further, we have a bucket shower that promotes circulation and produces an analgesic in the body and mind.

The dry sauna opens pores, eliminates toxins through sweat, and removes muscle tension. The steam sauna, for its part, clears the airways, alleviates tension and tiredness and activates blood circulation. Lastly, the mini dynamic swimming pool consists of a hydro massage that stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, reducing muscle tension and relieving joint pain.

Where can you find our spas?

Wherever you go, you´ll always be close to a Nammu area. If, for example, you find yourself in Tenerife, Benalmádena, Cádiz, Marbella, Sierra Nevada or Tunisia you´ll have available our fantastic Nammu Areas Spa, some exclusive and complete thermal centers with everything needed for rest, health and beauty. There you´ll be able to enjoy the latest relaxation treatments, therapeutics and exclusive esthetics and be in the hands of the best professionals. You´ll come out feeling like new. If, on the other hand, you are in the city, we have for you our Nammu Corner, the urban version of the Nammu Areas Spa. These areas of relaxation are located in some of our urban hotels, such as the Capitol and the Vía 66 in Madrid, and in the Frontaura, in Valladolid, and have available everything needed to take care of your body and mind. To do so they make available treatments of the highest quality with complete privacy and exclusivity, with up to a maximum of four persons. Further, they are open to everyone and it is not necessary to be a client of the hotel to use them. Don´t hesitate; start off the year in the best way: let yourself be pampered by Vincci.

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