Hotel Vincci Posada del Patio 5* wins a “Puerta Nueva 2017” award

Vincci Selección Posada del Patio, one of our five-star hotels in the Province of Málaga, has been recognised with a “Puerta Nueva 2017” award. This recognition from the wine-making sector is awarded by the Regulating Councils of the Denominations of Origin ‘Málaga’ and ‘Sierras de Málaga’, with the principle aim of recognising the work done by companies, institutions and professionals in favour of the sector in the region.

Our property in Málaga was selected to receive one of the awards, consisting of a work by Paco Aguilar, an artist from Málaga and winner of the National Engraving Prize. The award was presented this Monday in the María Cristina Concert Hall (Málaga) in recognition for the firm commitment of Vincci Selección Posada del Patio 5* to top quality products and its excellent gastronomic offering. Moreover, our hotel is a partner of the Museo del Vino, with which it has an agreement for its gastronomic restaurant Le Diner.

Awarded annually, the “Puerta Nueva” prizes take their name from the first ordinances of the Catholic Monarchs, in 1502, concerning the “prohibition of wine and its introduction in the city of Málaga” and the ordinances of 1556 concerning the wine of the city and lands of Málaga, which states that: “once the wine has been registered and its production controlled, it is established that the only point of entrance for wine shall be by the Puerta Nueva”. The concept then comes from this historic reference, which moreover has a triple significance: a historic one, being the place where the wine entered the walled city; and another two based on the name, firstly that it contains the word “Puerta” (gate), a place open to communication and a meeting place; and secondly the word “Nueva” (new), which speaks to the future, renewal and rebirth.

Vincci Selección Posada del Patio, an hotel that’s full of history

Located in the historic centre of Málaga, the Vincci Selección Posada del Patio 5* is built on the site of two ancient buildings. One of these was one of the last posadas (old style inns) that existed in Málaga, while the other was a residential building, of which the façade from the start of the 20th century has been preserved. It’s been entirely renovated, preserving the patio that gives it its name and the old hall from the entrance on Calle Camas.

Under the two buildings were found remains of Málaga’s Arabic Wall, together with remnants of the old Puerta del Río. It’s the best preserved section of the Arabic wall and the only part that can be visited on both sides, walking along the city’s old ‘ronda’ pathway. Together with the remains of the wall, which can be visited in the hotel, there are also the remnants of the old tannery and various utensils on display in the hotel.

What’s more, this history-rich hotel allows the visitor to enjoy the city’s attractions without even needing to step outside its doors thanks to the wide variety of activities from the worlds of art, music, culture and gastronomy that it hosts.

Art, music and culture at the hotel

Vincci Selección Posada del Patio 5* hosts monthly painting, photography and/or sculpture exhibitions by artists who mostly come from Málaga. The hotel is a corporate friend of the Museo Carmen Thyssen Málaga, collaborating on various activities and with a special area of the patio dedicated to the Thyssen, which is decorated in line with each of the temporary exhibitions the museum organises. What’s more, its à la carte restaurant, “Le Diner”, crafts a special dish inspired by each temporary exhibition, to ensure that art and gastronomy go hand in hand to create a unique experience.

On the musical side, we’re a sponsor of Concerto Málaga chamber orchestra, which performs a number of concerts every year with explanatory talks before each concert carried out by the musicians themselves. Vincci Selección Posada del Patio 5* organises weekly jazz concerts every Friday and Saturday in its Jazz Club.

The world of culture too is well represented at Vincci Selección Posada del Patio 5*. In addition to an agreement with Spanish Geographic Society to host a library dedicated to travel and explorers, the hotel is the home of the Málaga Rotary Club, sponsors School Training, which runs a Masters in Film Directing, Sound, Staging and Production, and also has agreements with NGOs, giving them space for talks and exhibitions.


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