Vincci Selección La Plantación del Sur 5* celebrates it’s ninth anniversary, discover its colonial style.

You don’t need to wait until the summer to return to Tenerife. A land with fine temperatures all year round, infinite beaches, wonderful people and spectacular landscapes that will captivate you again. Because whoever visits Tenerife, returns.

And why not experience the most luxurious way to relax, in the hands of the hotel that’s been selected as one of the 100 best in the world by German tour operator TUI: our hotel in Tenerife Vincci Selección La Plantación del Sur 5*. Did you know that the 165 rooms all have sea-views? And moreover they’re set around a spectacular garden, with an architectural design based on the colonial tradition of what’s known as the Fortunate Isle. And all located in one of the best zones in the south, the Costa Adeje.

You’ll have five swimming pools available to you, and a perfect climate to enjoy them, as well as the utmost relaxation in the Nammu Area Spa centre. Next Friday, 18 December, this incredible hotel celebrates its ninth anniversary and is firmly established as one of the best in the area. The recognition it received in the TUI Holly 2014 awards couldn’t have come at a better time.

Vincci Seleccion La Plantación del Sur 5*

Do you know the colonial style? And why it’s so relaxing and evocative?

The colonial style is inspired in the furniture of the former European colonies: France, England, Germany. It’s the style exported by Europe during the 19th century to exotic places where everything was handmade. This is what gives the style its exotic touch, together with the cultural mix that makes it so attractive.

The furniture, fabrics and decor evoke Asian and tropical countries, often being created from wood such as teak or mahogany. The pieces of furniture are extremely attractive, with a solid appearance, and dark colours.

Turning to the upholstery and the fabrics: the colonial style is characterised by the dominance of fabrics such as linen, raffia and rattan. All made of natural fibres, which are also used for the rugs and carpets. The overall feeling is warm; the colour scheme mainly neutral, with whites, ochres and earthy tones dominating.

And if you’re still looking for reasons to visit this oasis of peace and luxury in the year it’s been recognised in the TUI awards, here’s the best one: imagine finishing the year here!

Hotel in Tenerife Vincci La Plantación del Sur 5*


Don’t imagine it, make the trip!

Do you need something else to make up your mind? Your wish is granted! The hotel Vincci Selección la Plantación del Sur 5* is offering the Plantación Experience which you can enjoy up to the end of the year!

Vincci La Plantacion del Sur Lujo

Finish the year the way you deserve!

Where else can I stay in Tenerife?

We can’t ignore our other two jewels on the island of Tenerife: the hotel Vincci Tenerife Golf 4*, also located in southern Tenerife. On the beach, close to the districts of Arona, San Miguel and Granadilla. With spa and golf course so you’re free to do what you want to and forget the stress of an entire year.

Vincci Tenerife Golf4*

We also have another gem of a hotel, just to make it really hard to choose: the hotel Vincci Selección Buenavista Golf&Spa 5* located in the north of the island, where it’s more humid and the vegetation is accordingly lusher, giving the hotel incredible, evocative views. There you’ll find a spa, golf course and the perfect setting for rest and relaxation.

Hotel en Tenerife Vincci Buenavista Golf&Spa 5*

Vincci Hotels and the Fortunate Isle are a perfect pairing, for you to enjoy the Christmas you deserve. This Christmas, come to Tenerife! Come and see us!




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