Vincci Recipes: pasta brik with egg

Today we bring you a recipe directly from Tunisia: pasta brik with egg. This dish, that in Tunisia is usually eaten as a starter, is a type of fritter made with a very special pasta, malsouka, that can be filled with any ingredients you want. The kitchen staff of our hotels in Tunisia is going to tell us how to prepare them. Excited to make this recipe? 😉


4 eggs

4 sheets of pasta brik (malsouka)

1 small tin of tuna in olive oil (approximately 200 grams)

1 onion

1 spoon of chopped parsley

1 spoon of lemon juice

1 spoon of extra virgin olive oil

Salt and pepper

Olive oil for frying


Chop the onion very fine.

Add the tuna to a bowl and mash it with a fork.

Fry the onion with a spoon of olive oil on medium heat until it’s smooth and transparent.

Mix in a bowl the onion with the tuna, and add the lemon juice, chopped parsley and a pinch of salt and pepper.

Spread the filling over four sheets of pasta brik, fold the four borders of the sheet to make a square and fold diagonally to make a triangle.

Add a whole egg (yolk and white) to the middle of the folded sheet, seal and close it taking care not to perforate the pasta brik.

Put a spoon of hot olive oil on the top part of the brik, fry on both sides, remove and drain in a dish on top of an absorbent paper towel and serve hot.

***Photo: Rusty Clark (Flickr)

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