Vincci Recipes: Cod cooked at low temperature, hummus and young garlic cream

We know that you like to eat and that many of you also like to cook. So today we bring you the recipe for a delicious dish from our Vincci Soma 4* Restaurant in Madrid:  Cod cooked at low temperature, hummus and young garlic cream. Take note… You’re sure to surprise your guests!


For the Hummus:

½ garlic clove

10 gr. of Tahini or sesame paste

Juice of half a lemon

15 gr. of mild olive oil

Salt and pepper

For the cod:

One cod fillet of approx. 250 gr. unsalted

40 gr. of Virgin Extra olive oil


One bay leaf

For the young garlic cream:

80 gr. of young garlic

10 gr. of mild olive oil

200 gr. of fish stock

20 gr. of culinary cream


Preparing the Hummus:

Process all of the ingredients in a food processor until it has a smooth texture. If is is too thick, add a bit of the water used to cook the chickpeas until it reaches the desired texture.

Preparing the cod:

Heat the oil in a small pot or pan, to around approximately 55º o 65º. Add the garlic and the bay leaf, once it reaches temperature, add in the cod and cook for 10 minutes.

Preparing the young garlic cream:

Sauté the young garlic in a pan with the oil, dip them in the fish stock and cook until they are firm. Then add the cream, the salt, process, drain and reserve.

Assembling the dish:

Place one spoonful of hummus in the center of the plate (at room temperature). On top, place the cod well drained and, finally, the young garlic cream.

You can also add a bit of curly parsley and chive oil to give the dish color.

And ready to serve!

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