Vincci Hotels kicks off the VIII Circuito Tenerife Golf

Torneo Aniversario Buenavista Golf

Precission, focus and technique are the three key slills needed

Golf players from all around the world will meet on May 1, at the Vincci Buenavista Golf Hotel, for the VIII Circuito Tenerife Golf Tournament. The tournament, ending in September, is divided in seven different categories, considering gender, age and handicap. Each category winner will receive a trophy and a gift as a reward for his or her efforts.

The Vincci Selección Buenavista Golf & Spa Hotel offers the comfort desired after such a competition. It is located right in the middle of the Buenavista Golf course, and its rooms are full of luxurious details. The hotel is placed between the sea and the mountains, the ideal place for relaxing while you enjoy a spa session by the end of the day.

Vincci Hotels currently has a promotion that includes a 50 minutes Swedish massage and a thermal spa for only €69. Accommodation price is also discounted depending on the chosen room and date. You can have a room with views to the golf course, to the garden or to the sea. Find out more here. On another subject, registration for the competition costs €55 per person.

But that is not the only golf tournament that takes place at the Vincci Selección Buenavista Golf & Spa. Only a few days ago, up to 113 participants met at the hotel for the IV edition of the Anniversary Golf Tournament. Roberto Sáenz won the male category, and María José Radero was victorious at the female competition. Jorge Rodríguez won the junior tournament, while Miriam Muro and John Kehoane won the senior female and male categories.

Tenerife has become a major reference for golf lovers, who have even another date to mark on their calendars: on from May 23 to May 25, the island will host a really fun sports event, Salmes Cup.

For those not familiar with that tournament, it is an international meeting where bullfighters, sportsmen, TV hosts, actors and other celebrities gather to play golf.

The ultimate price is not winning, but to surpass the €80.000, raised for charity in the previous five editions of the tournament. Players have to pay for their mistakes in cash!

Get ready, golf players!



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