Vincci Hotels joins Font Vella-Lanjarón recycling project

The company Font Vella-Lanjarón, owned by Danone, has launched a campaign to create a network of recycling collection points. It’s a project that Vincci welcomes and one in which it wanted to get involved.

The project has awoken the conscience of some of the participating firms, and in other cases simply helped consolidate existing commitments, as with our chain of hotels. For Vincci Hotels it’s another step in our undertaking to foster responsible waste recycling, bringing in the last link in the recycling chain: the evaluation of the waste and its subsequent transformation in raw material.

In our hotels we recycle all types of waste: batteries, used cooking oils (which we convert into biodiesel), standard and fluorescent light bulbs, bottle tops, paper, cardboard, glass… And we also concern ourselves with energy saving, using, for example, low energy light bulbs.

Vincci HOtels

Our chain will have the recycling collection points in our hotels in Malaga, Barcelona and Madrid, as a sign of our firm’s awareness of the need to protect our planet and to promote to our guests and workers the need to care for the environment. It’s worth pointing out that this isn’t the first type of project we’ve been involved in and that a number of Vincci hotels have been recognised with environmental awards for the eco-measures they have adopted.

The initiative of Font Vella-Lanjarón, which will be extended to other cities as it develops, has solid backing, and is a commitment to sustainability and to offering clients more recycling facilities, with the network of collection points. The recycling containers will be rolled out around September, and these will allow for easier waste classification, encouraging recycling.

botella de plastico


Other companies have joined the project and will also have collection points in their establishments. They include the hotel chain Playa Senador; catering company Aramark, who provide services in universities, colleges, hospitals, companies and leisure centres; Áreas, in their motorway service stations; and cinema chains Kinépolis and Cinesa.

With this project Font Vella-Lanjarón wants to take another step in the promotion of recycled polyethylene terephthalate in bottles. In fact, Font Vella launched, in 2009, the first 1.5 litre bottle made out of 25% recycled PET (polyethylene terephalate), a material the use of which has increased by 65% over the past four years. From that starting point, the company has progressively introduced the material in other formats, such as their 6.25 litre water carrier. In 2011 Lanjarón launched the first carrier made with 20% bio-plastic.

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