Vincci Hoteles presents its partnership with TESLA for European Mobility Week

For European Mobility Week (16-22 September), we’re announcing our partnership with the exclusive, environmentally-friendly car company Tesla, offering charging points for their cars (which are also suitable for other brands) at many of our properties.

Since our launch we’ve taken part in numerous social and environmental projects and actions, because we are all too aware that the Spanish tourist industry, one of the biggest in the world, will have a brighter future to the extent we make a commitment to people and the environment. In the past year, we’ve followed through on our own commitments, such as increasing our waste recycling by 40%, and we’ve joined global actions such as Earth Hour (a WWF initiative in support of the fight against climate change). And in the second half of 2018, we’re continuing to show our commitment to the environment during European Mobility Week (16-22 September), forging an alliance with electric car company Tesla.

Tesla - Vincci Hoteles

Tesla, a US company based in Silicon Valley, is leading the global transition to sustainable energy, particularly within the automotive world, with a high-performance car division that has become a reference point for both style and environmental awareness. The major challenge for Vincci Hoteles, and for society in general, in order to make electric-powered mobility a reality, is the availability of charging points for the cars. That’s why, when Tesla came knocking on our door, we had no doubts: we had to work with them.

So we’ve  started installing charging points for Tesla cars at many of our hotels. Guests in Madrid (Vincci Soho 4*), Barcelona (Vincci Marítimo 4*), Málaga (Vincci Selección Posada del Patio 5*), Marbella (Vincci Selección Estrella del Mar 5*), Almería (Vincci Selección Almería Wellness & Golf 5*), Salamanca (Vincci Ciudad de Salamanca 4*) and Valladolid (Vincci Frontaura 4*) can already enjoy the service. The charging points are located in the hotel parking and users of the parking can use the points for free. We’ve also implemented this service outside Spain, in Lisbon (Vincci Liberdade 4*), and we are planning to install them in various other destinations, both in Spain and other countries.

Since its creation in 2001, Vincci Hoteles has made a commitment to various courses of action set out in its Corporate Social Responsibility Master Plan 2016-2018, which covers the entire company, including both hotels and the central offices, and takes stock of the objectives achieved so far, in turn setting out new challenges for the coming years.

The current plan ties together the mission and vision of Vincci Hoteles, based on three pillars: society, the environment and health, with the priorities being continuous improvement, optimisation of resources, control of consumption, reduction and management of waste, as well as respect for and protection of the cultural and social environment of the places where the chain’s properties are located, both hotels and offices. For the company it is vital to integrate quality and environmental management at each of its hotels; identify and comply with local, regional, national and EU laws and regulations in these areas; prevent, as far as possible, pollution; and promote the saving of energy and natural resources, both at an individual and a hotel level. For these reasons, all the company’s processes are defined by a firm commitment to the environment and to society, which has been explained to both to employees and suppliers. Vincci Hoteles is ISO 14001 certified, on the basis of the integration of quality and environmental management at each of its hotels.

The various initiatives carried out by the hotel chain in these areas can be consulted on our company website Vincci Hoteles: Sustainable & Responsible (in Spanish). Here you’ll find the company’s commitments to society and the environment, as well as its achievements, recognised in 2016 by the Minister for Industry, with the presentation of the Medal for Merit in Tourism to the president of Vincci Hoteles, Rufino Calero Cuevas, in the Sustainability and Quality category. The medal, awarded by the Spanish government, was in recognition of the contribution in this area by the entrepreneur to Spanish tourism. A series of commitments which Vincci Hoteles has focused on since its beginnings, just like its commitment to high quality service, always acting responsibly to offer each client a unique experience.

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