Vincci Estrella del Mar 5* rediscovers traditional recipes from Marbella thanks to local seniors

The hotel Vincci Selección Estrella del Mar 5*, in collaboration with Marbella City Council, is organising the First Gastronomic Fair “Sabores de la Memoria” (Flavours from Memory), to be held from 24 April to 14 May, at the Restaurant Baraka, and which aims to rediscover the region’s finest traditional cuisine. The starting gun will be fired on 5 April, with a competition in which 25 members of the Las Chapas Senior Centre will take part.

Vincci Selección Estrella del Mar 5*, in collaboration with the Marbella City Council, through its social affairs bureau, is launching its first Gastronomic Fair, “Sabores de la Memoria” (Flavours from Memory). The project, which has previously been run at other hotels in the chain and which will be held in Marbella from 24 April to 14 May, aims to rediscover the finest traditional local cuisine, thanks to the help of those who best know these classic dishes: local seniors.

During the gastronomic fair it will be possible, in the hotel’s restaurant, to savour traditional recipes that will be chosen in a competition to be held on 5 April. A maximum of 25 people will take part, all of them being members of Las Chapas Senior Centre. The registration period is open until Wednesday 22 of March, and the selection of the participants will take place between then and 29 March. The recipe should be written on an official registration form, accompanied with all the information the participant wishes to include, whether it’s first-hand knowledge, overheard, anecdotal or witty, proven or not. The information will be taken into account when choosing the final participants.

The competition will take place in the restaurant of the hotel Baraka, with a jury made up of chefs, organisers and directors, who will choose the four best recipes. All of the dishes should be made using local produce. The team spirit, the quality of the work, the skill and level of neatness will be taken into account when choosing the four winners.

The prize categories will be as follows:

  • Best Dish
  • Best Presentation
  • Best Execution, Technique and Elaboration
  • Best Information Accompanying the Recipe


The chosen recipes will then go on to be those the general public can savour at the Restaurant Baraka from 24 April to 14 May, as part of a menu drawn up using these dishes, alongside others chosen by the establishment. There’s no doubt it’s a project that will allow an exploration of local cuisine from Marbella, as well as allowing the guests to get closer to the culinary roots of the region as well as to the local people.

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