Vincci brings you the best Málaga recipes

You already know that in Vincci we’re passionate about Spanish cuisine. So, in every one of our restaurants we’re interested in local cuisine and we always try to bring back and reincorporate traditional recipes from the area. This is what led our Vincci Selección Posada del Patio 5* (Málaga) to edit the first Circle of Friends of Málaga Cuisine cookbook.

The book, which you can download here, puts together 22 recipes that sprang out of meetings of the Circle of Friends of Málaga Cuisine, founded in 2010 by the Vincci Selección Posada del Patio 5*, that took place during the last three years.

To guarantee the highest quality, all of the dishes where made with local products and with D.O. (Designation of Origin),  like, for example, wine from the Málaga Virgin vineyards or extra virgin olive oil.

Among the recipe ideas you´ll find in the cookbook are cream of chestnuts and porcini, shrimp strudel with fresh fruit and yogurt, citric flamenquíngoat cheese with Malaga wine sauce, Iberian sirloin steals with confit potatoes and french toast with coconut vanilla syrup.

But there’s still more. For example, wild lamb cooked at low temperature with potato cake, monkfish medallions with spicy paprika potato cream,honey and cheese sausage flavored with coffee or traditional style bienmesabe.

Old time recipes, 100% from Málaga, but with a touch of avant garde that makes them unique and irresistible. All to show that traditional Málaga cuisine can be just as modern as new international cuisine.

Excited about them? Go ahead and download the cookbook and discover the best Málaga recipes that we’ve put together for you.

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