Vincci Bit Fans Tour X: The chaotic harmony of Christian Gastaldi

Today we reach the end of our Vincci Bit Fans Tour. And after our short trip, there only remains to be seen the last floor of our Vincci Bit 4* in Barcelona: the eighth.

Here we find a quaint terrace with a solarium, a stylish swimming pool, a gym, a sauna, a steam bath and a room for events and celebrations. In the solarium there is an area that can be opened or closed depending on your needs, and where waiting for us is a mural on the back wall designed by the French artist Christian Gastaldi.

The last surprise of the tour is a 7.5 meter wall that highlights the collage the artist produced out of old posters, an explosion of color enhanced by the external light. This is a technique frequently used by the artist, who began to develop it in 2010 after by chance seeing under a bridge in Paris a wall covered in posters which had deteriorated over time.

The work took two weeks to finish, but first he had to collect worn out posters to do it.  He looked for them in Montpellier and needed help from his brother to handle them on the wall.

For Gastaldi who usually works on much smaller canvases and never worked directly on a wall, this project has been an exciting challenge. He also commented that “the idea of putting my work up against that of the other artists in the building has been quite stimulating“.

With this work he tries to confront the apparent chaos and the striking burst of color it conveys at first glance “so the visitor can stop and discover the movements and balance that emerge to shape a fragile harmony.

Christian Gastaldi is a French painter who takes colors from used paper materials, for whom brush strokes are of torn posters or magazines.  Lately his work has been dominated by the use of recycled posters from public places that were put up illegally.  He feels irresistibly drawn to the humanity and fragility he sees in this material altered by the passage of time and passersby. For him, it deserves an artistic redemption.

You already know that we’d like to know which is your favorite floor of the hotel, so if you liked Christian Gastaldi´s collage, go to our Facebook page and vote for it clicking “like” and/or “share”. Doing both things doubles your chances of winning a weekend for two in the Bit that we’ll soon be raffling from among all those who voted on the photos of the hotel that we’ve been putting up every Thursday.

Very soon we’ll announce the winner and the floor of the Bit that got the most votes.  Pay close attention! Good luck to everyone!

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