Vincci Bit Fans Tour VIII: Lorenzo Petrantoni’s mural of illustrations

It’s Thursday again!  Know what that means right?  Going on our Vincci Bit Fans Tour to get to know the other floors of our recently launched Vincci Bit in Barcelona. We’ve already told you that all of them are completely different and original, and are decorated by different artists. Today we head to the sixth floor, where visitors will find a striking work of art by the Italian Lorenzo Petrantoni.

Nobody can be indifferent to this work, especially due to the originality of the materials used. The artist created on the walls of this hallway a sort of tapestry , gluing together a multitude of illustrations that were made beforehand. Each one has a size of about 9 by 13 centimeters.

More surprising is to think that this work, in which each illustration was made on fireproof paper and was glued on manually, was made in 10 days.  According to Petrantoni, who defines himself has a graphic artist who works with images from the end of  the 1800s, “to carry out this project was for me a new motivation and I was fascinated by it. To do it I didn’t have any special inspiration, just the desire to decorate, I loved the mass of paper”.

The Italian artist also notes that with this work the only thing he tried to achieve was that people would enjoy looking at the mural and have a pleasant time appreciating each detail.

Lorenenzo Petrantoni was born in Genoa in 1970. With a degree from a graphic school in Milan, he worked as an art director for Young and Rubicam France.  Later he returned to Italy where he currently lives and works.

His passion for graphic design and for the period of the late 1800’s have led him to to create illistrations combining old images he extracts from dictionaries from the time, giving new life to the books, events and personalities that, otherwise, would continue to be forgotten in antique booksellers.

He has designed numerous advertising campaigns for Nike, Urban Outfitters, Burton snowboards and other prestigious international companies.  He has also collaborated with important magazines and his work has been shown in various worldwide exhibitions.

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