Vincci Bit Fans Tour VII: the imaginary world of Brosmind

Thursday again as we enter our most artistic hotel, the Vincci Bit in Barcelona to continue showing each of its floors and nooks and crannies on our Vincci Bit Fans Tour.  Today it´s the fifth floors turn.  In its hallway one can enjoy the work from the Barcelona design studio Brosmind, headed by the brothers Juan and Alejandro Mingarro.  Visitors will be delightfully surprised by the presence in this area of a scene where one can observe colorful elements and characters belonging to the world of the artist´s imagination, floating and interacting with each other.

To produce this work, which took three weeks, Brosmind created a pattern of about 5 meters in length that was repeated throughout the length of the hallway.  This pattern is a reproduction of one of the studio´s original artworks printed on wallpaper.  Also you have to keep in mind that the original illustration was drawn in pencil, ink pen and brush and later colored in with a computer.

In the words of Alejandro Mingarro “it´s a self referential piece in which graphical elements of our work recur. Our intention is that when the spectator walks down the hallway they forget for a moment that they are in a hotel and submerge themselves in the Brosmind universe”.

The artist also commented that this project was an opportunity to work on a medium and format quite different than they usually use so it has been a really exciting challenge.

Brosmind is a Barcelona studio that was founded by the brothers Juan and Alejandro Mingarro in 2006.  Their illustrations have garnered the most prestigious international and national awards like the Cannes Lions, Clio, Eurobest, Graphis and Sol, and both have positioned themselves among the most published Spanish illustrators in Lurzer´s Archive of the last ten years.  Recently they were also selected for the Lurzer´s Archive Special 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide.

Among their clients are companies like Nike, Microsoft, Honda, LandRover, Volkswagen, Virgin and Gillette…But the cool and optimistic universe of Brosmind can´t be completely understood apart from its artistic projects, like the Brosmind Army ceramic sculptures and the fun Brosmind RV pedal car.

If you like Brosmind´s work, vote for them on our Facebook page by clicking “like” and/or “share”.  Doing both things doubles your chances of winning a weekend in the Bit that we´ll be raffling off from among all those who click “like” and/or “share” on the photos of the hotel that we put up each Thursday.  Which floor will get the most votes?  Soon we´ll know!  Thanks to everyone for participating!

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