Vincci Bit Fans Tour VI: the geometry of Matt W. Moore

Today is Thursday and we continue our tour of our most artistic hotel, the Vincci Bit in Barcelona, in our Vincci Bit Fans Tour.  After seeing the first few floors, today we stop on the fourth.  Its hallway´s decoration has been left in the hands of international artist Matt W. Moore, who to produce this 50 meter long mural needed 14 gallons of paint and two weeks of intense work.

It´s a mural of geometric shapes in which the artist has used a range of secondary colors (oranges, greens and purples), interspersed with greys and blacks.   However, these colors do not work together in each panel, but, as Moore has designed it, so that the proportions of colors change from one end of the hallway to the other, with oranges at the entrance, greens in the center and purples at the end, which he believes creates a special effect since it is such a narrow visual environment.

According to Moore “working this way forced me to be flexible with respect to different ideas regarding color theory and in this case especially because of the layout of the space which allows for radical changes of perspective and opportunities for optical illusions”.  Furthermore, he commented that you can´t define it in words, it´s necessary to actually walk along the hallway to get a true experience.

Matt W. Moore is the founder of MWM Graphics, a design and illustration studio located in Portland, Maine.  Matt works within different disciplines, ranging from colorful digital illustrations under his signature “Vectorfunk” style, to freeform watercolor paintings and aerosol murals.  MWM exhibits his graphic artwork in galleries around the world and has collaborated with clients in all sectors.  Matt is also the co-founder of Core Deco and co-founder and designer of Glyph Cue Clothing.  He is one of the participating artists in the decoration of London for the 2012 Olympics and inspiration behind a model of a Coca Cola can for the time of the Olympic games.

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