Vincci Bit Fans Tour V: Aleix Gordó’s dreamy world

You´re already aware that our recently launched Vincci Bit is quite an art gallery and that each Thrusday we´re going to show you a new floor of the hotel so you can vote for it if you like it.

Stopping on the third floor you can enjoy the dreamy work of the Catalan Aleix Gordó who, along with the artist Dixon, was in charge of painting this hallway.  In this case the techniques used were acrylic paint, spray paint and marker, each used directly on the wall that is more than 210 square meters.

To complete it both artists were locked up working for over a month and as Gordó says, “given such large dimensions we had to look for a topic that would allow us to improvise, so we chose the theme of dreams.  The world of dreams let us capture any technique and content so the end result of the work would be consistent”.  Moreover, Gordó also stated that the work and its content fit perfectly with the work they normally do.

Aleix Gordó is a visual artist who was born in Barcelona and has spent his whole life there.  Before beginning to talk he already had a pencil in hand and without studying anything related to the world of art, has always dedicated himself to this area.  Beginning in  1997 he started drawing  for children and young adult books.  Since then he has worked for newspapers, advertising agencies, and various multinational companies, both Spanish and foreign in various sectors like Coca-Cola Light, Orange, Movistar, Camper, Buckler and Panini comics among others.  Currently he is working in the area of advertising illustration, fashion illustration, creating comics, street art and author´s work.  He is a Postgraduate professor of illustration in the IDEP Insitut Superior de Disseny and founder of the Goho studio.

If you like his work and want to vote for him it´s as easy as going to our Facebook and clicking “like” and/or “share” Remember that doing both things doubles your chances to win a weekend for two in the Vinnci Bit that we will be raffling away from among all those who click “like”  and/or “share” on the photos we put up every Thursday in Facebook.

See you next week for the next part of our Vincci Bit Fans Tour!


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