Vincci Bit Fans Tour IX: Yoshi Sislay’s drawings in movement

Today, as every Thursday, we continue our journey through the Vincci Bit in Barcelona on our Vincci Bit Fans Tour.  If last week we stopped on the sixth floor to admire the mural by the Italian Petrantoni, now we head up to the seventh, decorated by the work of Yoshi Sislay.

The work of this Japonese resident of Barcelona is very much present in the Bit, as he was also responsible for the drawings at the ground floor entrance.  In both spaces he used black markers on a white wall, something that´s especially striking if you keep in mind the dimensions of these two areas.  In fact, Sislay needed six weeks to finish this work.

This artist, who has a very distinctive and recognizable style, has expressed, using the walls of the Vincci Bit Hotel, non conventional depictions of natural things taken out of context.  In doing so, his drawings grow, move and feel.

Sislay also loves to depict invisible things like the wind.  Further, as a source of inspiration, it is based on visions and feelings provoked by the hotel itself so that each illustration is exactly in the right place.

Sislay wants that hotel guests can play, laugh, and enjoy, and to encourage them to do so remarked: “hey guys, I challenge you to a game of finding the 7 Dragon Comic Balls, and if you do you´ll be able to ask for a wish. Just where exactly can you make this dream true?   In the ceiling of the lobby at the hotel´s entrance”.

He also added that this project made him very happy because he imagines that every day many visitors will pass through this area and see his work.

Yoshi Sislay was born in Osaka, Japan in 1974.  After visiting more than 30 countries he decided to settle permanently in Barcelona in 2005 and without any type of formal training decided to dedicate himself to drawing.  All the experiences and feelings that he has had throughout his life are the true fabric of his drawings.  They help to inspire him along with the ideas and information he picks up from other interesting people.

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Next Thursday we´ll reach the end of our Vincci Bit Fans Tour by showing the you top floor.  Anxious to see it?

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