Vincci Bit 4* opens its doors! Welcome!

We’re really happy! After many months of work, dedication and enthusiasm, at last we can say it out loud: our Vincci Bit 4* has opened its doors and it’s absolutely incredible!

At the beginning of the year we mentioned that we were putting the finishing touches on this new hotel, the most recent of our establishments and the third we’ve opened in Barcelona. With each passing day we were more and more eager to show and share it with you. We wanted you to see it and enjoy it in person. At last, the moment has arrived and we’d like to welcome you to our fantastic Vincci Bit. And we aren’t just saying “fantastic” just to say it: this new hotel is really special. Want to know why?

An art gallery in a hotel

The first thing one thinks when entering Vincci Bit is “I’ve gone into an art gallery by mistake”. And it’s because the hotel, located at 69 Calle josep Pla –at the end of avenida Diagonal, close to the area of the Fórum and heart of the business and commercial district of Barcelona-, is completely full of art and modernity.

So much so that we could say that the Vincci Bit isn’t only a hotel, but also a gallery full of art, as each of its floors and hallways have been decorated by the most prestigious and leading illustrators, designers and specialists in national and international street art.

In total, Bit has more than 2,000 meters of mural art by artists like Mart Cerdá, alex Trochut, Aleix Gordo, Dopludo Collective, Yoshi Sislay, Mister Mourau, Matthew Moore, Brosmind, Lorenzo Petrantoni and Christian Gastaldi. All of them, key references in the world of contemporary art, design and illustration have put their bit to make this project as avant-garde and innovated as we wanted. And a city as cool and cosmopolitan as Barcelona deserves a hotel like this. Don’t you think?

An experience to remember

In Vincci, we always want our hotels to be not only a good place to sleep, shower and have breakfast, but, more than anything, a place to experience and enjoy; a special and authentic place; a place that, ultimately, helps to make any trip perfect.

So for this project we were delighted to be able to count on a team loyal to our philosophy: the prestigious Catalan architectural firm Cirici & Basso, which designed the building and the Barcelona based interior decorator Jaime Beriestain, who was responsible for the interior of the hotel.

Both achieved exactly what we wanted: to make our Vincci Bit 4* a unique place, vibrant and special in each floor, each hallway and every corner, offering guests a different and unforgettable experience.

Seven floors full of art

The Vincci Bit 4* has 177 fully equipped rooms and among its many services of note is the Lounge Bar/Library and the a la carta restaurant HOPEN, where you can taste Mediterranean inspired avant-garde dishes.

It has seven floors, three basements and a rooftop.  But don’t expect to find the same walls and the same hallways:  the Vincci Bit is unique and each floor is different and special.

We begin our tour in basement minus one, a space for events and meetings decorated with colorful and detailed drawings from the Russian Dopludo Collective studio, which used colored spray paints and gouache.

One floor up, on the ground floor, the beautiful mosaic from the designer Marta Cerdá and pen drawings from the Japanese artist Yoshi Sislay welcome guests to the hotel.

This is only the beginning, on the rest of the floors you’ll find more art.  A strip of buildings from the architect and illustrator Mister Mourao covers the hallway of the first floor, while the large spray mural by the Barcelona artist Alex Trochut, which for this occasion was inspired by nature and the aesthetic of the 50’s, occupies the hallway of the second floor.

On the third you can enjoy the work of Aleix Gordó and Dixon –made with acrylic paint, spray paint and marker- and on the fourth is a colorful and geometrical 50 meter long mural exhibition by Matt W. Moore.

In the hallway of the fifth floor we can see the work of the Barcelona design studio Brosmind and on the sixth floor we find a mural from the Italian Lorenzo Petrantoni, made from multiple glued illustrations.

Yoshi Silay’s work appears twice as, in addition to the ground floor, he also decorated the hallway of the seventh floor with his drawings.

And as a final surprise: the rooftop, a place to sunbath, swim, exercise in the gym or relax in the sauna and steam bath.  And all of this with beautiful views of Barcelona in the background. This floor, which also has a room for events and celebrations, displays an impressive collage the French artist Christian Gastaldi made with old posters.

Thanks to all of these artists Vincci Bit 4* is unique, avant-garde and full of art. We love it and are sure you will too!  So we really hope you come and see it. Also, if you take advantage of our launch offer, you can enjoy it with a 25 percent discount. We’re waiting for you in our new Vincci Bit!

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