Vincci are to open a hotel in the shape of a sailboat, by the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

A Vincci hotel with 93 rooms will be the main element in a mixed-use building, which also includes nine floors of luxury apartments and four levels of parking


  • Located between the Torres de Isozaki and the Guggenheim Museum, at the end of the Alameda Mazarredo.

  • With a total investment of over 41 million euros, the building will be constructed in the second half of 2017.

  • The building will be owned by developers Jaureguizar and Eslora, while the Vincci chain will run the hotel.

Bilbao, 26 March 2015.- The modernised zone of the Paseo de Abandoibarra in Bilbao is to have a new landmark building, which will have as its main use a hotel run by the Spanish chain Vincci, to be called Vincci Consulado de Bilbao. The new construction will be located between the Torres de Isozaki and the Guggenheim Museum, at the end of Calle Mazarredo, with the inauguration expected in the second half of 2017.

This exclusive building, owned by the companies Jaureguizar and Eslora, will have 13 floors and five underground levels, holding a 93 bedroom hotel, nine floors of apartments and four levels of parking. Developers Jaureguizar and Eslora, through the joint venture Mirador del Museo, will invest a total of over 40 million euros in the construction of the apartments and the hotel.

Vincci Hoteles The aim of the design, from architects Agvar Arquitectos and Axis Arquitectura y Urbanismo, is to resemble a sailboat that has arrived by sailing up the estuary and is docked by the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. The building opens on two sides, looking on the one hand to La Salve Bridge and on the other to the Guggenheim Museum. In the structure can be seen the imitation of the prow and the sail of a sailboat, while the interior of Vincci’s latest project will have a nautical theme.

The new building, with a total surface area of some 15,000 square metres, will have a wide range of uses, making it a version of the city in miniature. The luxury apartments will occupy the upper nine floors. The hotel will occupy the lower four floors, those closest to the street.

The hotel’s 4,930 square metres will hold 93 bedrooms, and will also have a terrace-viewpoint of 653 square metres with magnificent views over the estuary and the Guggenheim Museum. The hotel will also have 25 parking places.

The first floor, where the main access to the hotel is located, will hold the reception lobby, along with the public rooms for the hotel guests, the snack bar, and the terrace-viewpoint with splendid views over the estuary. The vestibule, protected by the building itself, will provide a transitive element towards the large terrace-viewpoint, allowing for multiple different uses and which will be a perfect space for hosting all manner of events. The rooms will be located on the three upper floors, with a high atrium as a notable central zone linking the various elements. Among the services available, the hotel will have an à la carte restaurant and an events hall.

The project

The concept behind the new building comes from two highly experienced local firms, Jaureguizar and Eslora Proyectos. Vincci will run the hotel after its construction.

Vincci Hoteles en Bilbao
Since it was founded in 2001 by the Calero family, Vincci Hoteles has positioned itself in the luxury hotel sector with a distinctive business model, one in which every project has its own core essence. Every hotel is strongly focused on design, cutting-edge technology, the best staff and the very latest hotel management techniques, always in unique locations in new or renovated buildings. The company’s new hotel in Bilbao clearly reflects these concepts, which have allowed the hotel chain to experience continued growth, both in Spain and internationally, achieving in a short space of time an eminent position in the 4 and 5 star hotel sector, and highlighting its focus on Spanish, Portuguese and Tunisian markets. The chain currently has 37 hotels: 29 in Spain, 6 in Tunisia and 2 in Portugal.



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