Valentine´s Day Cocktail

Once more, one of our favorite holidays of the year has arrived: it´s Valentine´s Day! A day of presents, romantic dinners, and even some “i love you, I promise I won´t happen again”…have you ever though about what it truly means to be in love? Today, Vincci Hotels invites you to reflect for a couple of minutes on this.

Love goes far beyond fairytales and prince charming; love means much more than just the hearts that decorate store displays.

Nowadays, in order to be in love it is important to be persuasive. There is no better reason for you and your couple to treat yourself to a special date. Why is that? Because you deserve it!

We are sorry, today is not a night to sleep separated and on each side of the bed, it is Valentines! A day to hug, laugh, and admire the person who shares with you day to day the better and worse parts of you, as well as the most difficult challenges, in conclusion: the person who shares their life with you.

For this we invite you to celebrate Valentines in a special way!

At Vincci Soma Madrid we have everything ready, without sparing any details for this special night.

To start, we offer you a romantic dinner serving 4 menus: “an encounter”, “a glance”, “a caress”, and “a kiss”.

And then… sleep? Not yet, as we said before: on this day you will sleep hugging, but for that you will have to wait a little longer. So, after the dinner it is mandatory to dedicate a couple of minutes or some hours to laugh a little bit about life. The best way to do this is with a cocktail in hand! So we have the bar ready!

On this special night we will offer you our star mojito: the “Purple Soma Mojito”. A mojito made of rum and dressed in a purple color that will not deceive anyone, not even the finest rum expert.

If you are a healthy person and you do not drink alcohol you can relax because our mixologist has also thought about something special for you. We will present you with “Summer Passion”, because it is full of passion and because we can´t wait for a bit of summer.
To finish our cocktail display there will be a tropical touch, our ‘Piña colada‘.

What’s best in store? It doesn’t matter how you are feeling after the dinner because your hotel room will be waiting for you just an elevator button away. And if the next morning you are feeling tired we will bring your breakfast to bed.

It’s time to go up to your room, and to think that even if some days are cloudy, it is always a good day to rediscover yourself, love oneself, and to share life. It is Valentines and it is time to remember all of this… Now it’s time to sleep hugging.



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