Unplugging from technology: The rise of detox tourism

Detox Spain

We understood and assimilated the benefits of technology years ago. It allows us to remain connected to our loved ones, to share information, images and even video globally within seconds. Technology makes our work easier, being able to send over a message knowing that the receiver will find it when he decides to connect.

But it is easy to abuse technology, to the point that some people admit that it has permeated their lives to the point that they are feeling overwhelmed by it. If they forget their cell phone at home, for example, they experience anxiety and feel lost, only desiring to return home and check how many messages they had unanswered –even though the cast majority of them weren’t important. We can see it happening every day; people rushing down the Metro stairs while tapping on their phones, and we all know of someone who has admitted to jump out of the shower in order to answer the phone!

This anxiety is facilitating the rise of digital detox holiday programs. Spending some days apart from technology can be necessary and beneficial for some people and, at Vincci, we can make it easier for you. While we offer free Wi-Fi and the latest, cutting-edge, technology in all our hotels, we also understand the need to take a break from our hectic routines and turn off all those digital devices that can easily make us information – and control – addicts. It is totally fine to distance yourself for a few days, focusing your attention to the environment, the people you are with, enjoying reading, sports, leisure… Whatever you would prefer to do. No stress, no distractions, and no beeps and unnecessary chatter around you.

We have prepared a wide offering for all those who would fancy a digital detox, with three different and appealing destinations to choose from.

Vincci’s Digital Detox experience

All three options welcome the client with a purifying juice and, after checking it, the guest is requested to submit all electronic devices –cell phone, mp3, mp4, computer, radio… – that could interfere with the detox program, ensuring a more relaxing and fulfilling experience. In order to facilitate the transition, a relaxing spa session is included.


Vincci Selección Buenavista Golf&Spa Lujo 5*

Vincci Selección Buenavista Golf&Spa Lujo 5* hotel has the ideal ‘Digital Detox pack’ for those who want to relax at Tenerife. The price includes a double room, breakfast, and s spa circuit.

Buenavista spa

Thanks to the hotel location at the Teno Mountain Range, it exist a wide offering of relaxing activities available:

• Kayak by the sea
• Trekking by the Masca gorge
• Volcanic experience at Isla Baja, visiting villages under volcanic influence.
• Trekking through the Teno Mountain Range.
• Paragliding.
• Scuba diving.
• Whale Watching.
• Enjoying the Buenavista Golf course.
• Or discovering the Celtic massage, including a banana mask face treatment.


Vincci Selección Rumaykiyya 5*

The Vincci Selección Rumaykiyya 5*, located on an altitude of 2400 metres, closet o the Sierra Nevada sky slopes, constitutes the perfect place where to enjoy a three day ‘Digital Detox pack’, including:

• Double room. Breakfast included.
• Night route, riding a snow grooming vehicle.
• “First footprint”. Get up early and be the first one on the slope.
• Sky class.
• Snowshoeing trek.
• snowmobile.
• Dinner at La Arquería restaurant.

Individual Price: from 475€ (VAT included)

Escape technology for a few days. Your body, mind and those around you will be thankful.

Your cell phone, tablet and computer will be waiting for you when you return, and you will feel fresh and reinvigorated to carry on.



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