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Mothers can be caring, protective, loving, controlling, perfectly imperfect… but all of them deserve to be treated in Mother’s Day. Without them, we wouldn’t even be here.

It is said that nowadays mothers, ranging from 35 to 54 years old, are less happy than their predecessors. That would mean our mothers are unhappier than our grandmothers were.  Are you wondering why? According to the American Psychological Association, 40% of the ‘sandwich’ generation of women, those responsible for looking after their parents and children at the same time, show high stress levels.

Knowing that, do you think it is the best idea gifting her new tableware? Cutlery? A mixer? A vacuum cleaner? No, of course no. A mother needs more time for herself, and to be looked after. Vincci Hotels proposes you some ideas for reducing your mom’s stress levels, at least for a few hours. Exercising or meeting with friends can help, but if you have relaxing in mind, the best option would be a spa. Vincci Hotels proposes you to gift your mom with an outdoor Spa session at the Nammu Areas Spa, downtown Madrid. Bubbles and massages will take her to a peaceful oasis.

*Nammu Áreas Spa Vincci Selección Buenavista Golf&Spa 5* Lujo

Why not taking her to Tenerife? Vincci Selección La Plantación del Sur 5* Lujo includes 2.500m2 facilities designed for relax. You will be able to select upon a dozen different corporal and facial treatments, including a facial mask made from Canary Island bananas, plus a thermal circuit.

Also in Tenerife you can find the Vincci Selección Buenavista Golf&Spa 5* Lujo, recently awarded with the Touristic Quality Q Award. Located by the Teno mountain range, this hotel also includes a great thermal circuit.

* Nammu Áreas Spa Vincci Costa Golf 4* Cádiz

And why not visiting Cadiz? The Vincci Costa Golf  4* Cádiz hotel is located in the prestigious Novo Santi Petri housing, in Chiclana de la Frontera, just 400 metres away from the Barrosa beach. The hotel includes a thermal circuit, personalized Swedish and Celtic massages, facial and corporal treatments, or anti-stress treatments; perfect for moms!

* Nammu Áreas Spa Vincci Selección Aleysa Boutique&Spa 5* Málaga – Benalmádena

Málaga, Benalmádena, is another option for spending the weekend with the family. The Vincci Selección Aleysa Boutique&Spa 5* Málaga – Benalmádena Hotel, winner of the “Traveller Choice” award in the luxury category, is a charming hotel built in 2011. In their comprehensive spa circuit you will be able to enjoy the dynamic swimming pool, waterfalls, strolling through the reflexology corridor and having a Finnish sauna.

* Numma Áreas Spa Vincci Selección Envía Almería Wellness & Golf 5* spa

Vincci Selección Envía Almería Wellness & Golf 5* is another option for relaxing on Mother’s Day. It includes a 5.000m2 Wellness centre that is counted among the best in Andalusia. Under a lighting system emulating star constellations, the thermal circuit will make your mother feel like a queen. There are also fitness and beauty centres available.

* Nammu Áreas Spa Vincci Frontaura 4* – Valladolid

But if your mom enjoys a more urban environment, Madrid and Valladolid offer plenty of options for relaxing too. The Vincci Frontaura 4* Hotel includes the Nammu Corner Area Spa. This design hotel is located in one of the more modern neighbourhoods in Valladolid, and includes two mini-swimming pools with waterfalls, a cold water swimming pool, dry sauna, and a massage zone where to leave the stress behind.

We can find the Vincci Vía 66 Hotel in Madrid’s Gran Vía, proof that you can also relax downtown. The Nammu Areas Spa in the hotel offers an exclusive and private experience. You will be able to choose 4 people for sharing a relaxing moment, provided by the best specialists.

Treat her with a Spa session with Vincci!


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