This holiday season I’m celebrating at Vincci!

Delight the staff of your firm with Christmas drinks or dinner in a hotel that never fails to surprise… Don’t cook on Christmas Eve if you’ve had to work… Surprise your partner on Christmas Day if they had to cook the dinner on Christmas Eve… End the year on a high note on New Year’s Eve, listening to the bells and eating the 12 grapes Spanish style somewhere different… Celebrate the arrival of the New Year in a restaurant where the food never disappoints… Discuss the gifts Santa Claus or the Three Kings brought with your family in a place with the finest festive fare… This holiday season Vincci will organise everything and do your cooking for you! [links in Spanish]

If you and your family deserve a trip this year, to share a wonderful festive season together somewhere different, don’t think twice, amaze them with a surprise getaway… Vincci&Go makes it easy with a wide range of offers.

Madrid, Malaga, Valencia, Seville, Tenerife, Marbella, Granada …  Vincci&Gala offers you the best Christmas menus [in Spanish], exquisite culinary works of art for the different days of the holiday season. Check out our hmenus and prices. You’ll be surprised if you thought that celebrating Christmas in a Vincci was only for certain wallets!


Hotel Vincci LA Rabida4*Hotel in Seville Vincci La Rabida 4*

But there’s more… If you like the decor in our hotels, if you fell in love with our pillows or you can’t forget that night you were ‘trapped’ by a ‘Vincci Bed’, you’re in luck – Vincci have a wide range of gifts available this Christmas so you can write to Santa Claus (or the Three Kings!) and receive in your own home the item you fell in love with from our hotel. And if you spent the night with us recently, you can get a on a Vincci bed. There are bathroom products, furniture, lighting, accessories, outdoor items, bags, and lots of gifts available in ‘VincciStyle’.

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