The Vincci Fresh Sessions hit the beach in Marbella

After revolutionising the evening scene in Madrid, the Vincci Fresh Sessions travel to Marbella to provide the Friday rhythms at the Beach Club Estrella del Mar.

As part of the Fresh&Wild summer, our property on the Golden Beach hosts the Vincci Fresh Sessions, a new way to experience day turning into night, in the freshest way possible. It’s an event that’s already been hosted at several hotels in our chain, offering live music from the funkiest DJs, such as Lorena Lasanta, the most refreshing cocktails and the finest, most varied cuisine. And, of course, all while looking out at the sea, with a gentle breeze on your face.

Every Friday, in the Beach Club Estrella del Mar starting at 17:30, as the sun goes down the music starts. And, if you’re there early, you can enjoy 2 for 1 cocktails.

Fresh&Wild Summer

The Vincci Fresh Sessions won’t be the only party that happens at the beach club as the sun says adios for the day. Our fresh fiesta will alternate with the ‘Tardeos’ evening drinks, which you can enjoy with friends every other day, among people you want to raise a glass with, just for being there, looking out at the sea and savouring life. Live DJs, cocktails and a tapas selection all make the experience truly special.

And, just as night falls, the Beach Club invites you to experience the ‘magic hour’, with everyone present able to greet the night to the rhythm of the finest music with a ‘Spicy Champagne Cocktail’, a champagne drink with a fresh, spicy touch.

As part of the Fresh&Wild Summer, during the day the Beach Club de Vincci Hoteles suggests you relax on the terrace, in the gardens, in the infinity pool or on the beach, soaking up the Marbella sun with the Easy Sun Premium hammock service. It includes snacks in your hammock during the day, DJ Live Sessions, glass cleaning service, Easy Sun Advisor and sun cream, refreshing towels, newspapers and an Estrella del Mar beach bag. All from 25 euros on the beach and 40 euros by the pool, from 1 June to 18 September.

As well as relaxation, over the coming months the Beach Club Estrella del Mar will be organising a series of exhibitions based on the concept ‘Wild Art’, inspired by nature at its wildest, to give the club a different feel by creating the sensation of an art gallery you’ve never seen before.

At the same time, Tuesdays and Sundays are the days for the ‘Brasas del Beach Club’, a gourmet barbecue to enjoy the Marbella evening in the most laid-back style, with the beach atmosphere as the backdrop (Tuesdays and Sundays, from 6 June to 24 September).

The Vincci Fresh Sessions at other hotels

The freshest after work party, that’s now coming to the Beach Club Estrella del Mar with dreams of being on the beach, has already been to several of Vincci Hoteles’ establishments around Spain. After livening up the winter for Madrid residents in Bellini Food&Bar at Vincci Centrum 4* and the lobby of Vincci The Mint, the Vincci Fresh Sessions have now gone up to the roof at Vincci The Mint, to add summer rhythms to Thursdays from the sky above Madrid. And all with the same concept as you’ll find in Marbella: live DJs, cocktails and delicious food, which will be waiting for you as the evening starts, at 21:00.

And coming soon, the terraces at other Vincci Hoteles, such as Vincci Porto 4*, will also be hosting this fiesta, in its most summery version.

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