The freshness of the ‘Vincci Fresh Sessions’ is moving to the heights of Gran Vía this summer

Vincci The Mint 4* launches Madrid’s most refreshing, fun after work party. The hotel’s terrace, The Mint Roof, will host, every Thursday, the liveliest DJs, the most creative cocktails and the most international fusion cuisine. The “Vincci Fresh Sessions” are back for their summer edition, bringing pure freshness over the coming months to Number 10, Gran Vía.

The funkiest DJs, incredibly refreshing cocktails and the most international fusion cuisine. That’s the “Vincci Fresh Sessions” concept, a way of savouring, in the freshest style possible, those moments as evening turns into night, and which is launching its summer season on the terrace of Vincci The Mint 4* (Gran Vía 10, Madrid). Every Thursday (21h – 00h), the Mint Roof will host these sessions that bring pure freshness to Madrid’s after work scene.

The most refreshing DJs will be in charge of the music that will liven up the skies above the capital on this roof terrace above the famous Gran Vía. The drinks menu at Vincci The Mint’s terrace lets you choose from a wide range of refreshments and cocktails, from classics such as Cosmopolitans, Manhattans or Mojitos, to more innovative items like The Mint cocktail, with rum, mint infusion, cinnamon, sugar cane syrup and pineapple juice, which is also offered without alcohol. To accompany, The Mint Roof has a fresh, varied culinary offering, with highlights such as crudités with a variety of sauces, nachos & guacamole and Argimira croquettes.

What’s more, a first for this year sees themed weeks on the terrace, inspired by various international destinations. From the music to the street food menus, every detail and flavour will reflect a different place: Cantonese Week, Mexican Week, Venezuelan Week, Japanese Week, Peruvian Week, African Week, European Week, USA Week, Asian Week… a trip around the world for all the senses, without having to leave the centre of Madrid. It’s a multicultural proposal that’s not just for Thursdays, meaning a trip to the terrace is tempting every day.


The Mint Roof follows the innovative style of the rest of the hotel, designed by Jaime Beriestain and inspired by the “Fresh&Music” concept. The terrace is designed to create a friendly atmosphere that’s perfect for relaxing with friends and feeling right at home as you enjoy the views over the main thoroughfare of the city centre. The Mint Roof is a place to let yourself go with the flow and escape the bustle of the Spanish capital for a moment. Its exquisite décor focuses on wood, along with textiles that fill the space with colour and a range of plants, including of course, mint. One of its main attractions is its food truck, brought straight from France to this latest hotspot on Madrid’s going out scene, where you’ll find the most refreshing drinks.

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