The four winners of the competition “Your dream hotel” and the entries that will be displayed in our hotel in Madrid, the Vincci Capitol 4* are…


The long-awaited day has finally arrived… we have the four winners of the Vincci competition, who will enjoy a free weekend in a Vincci hotel, as well as the selection of entries that will be on display in the hotel Vincci Capitol 4* in Madrid, yes, the hotel that’s behind the iconic neon Schweppes advert that crowns Madrid’s Gran Vía!

Many thanks to everyone who took part, you stunned us with the dream hotels you came up with, hopefully one day we can build a Vincci that’s as amazing as the ones your imaginations created for us.

Congratulations to the winners, we’ll be in touch with you by e-mail! And if your idea was one of the chosen ones, make sure you stop by the Capitol in Madrid, to see ‘your dream hotel” on display.

The four winners of the competition are:

Eduardo Do Nascimento
Hello, my hotel would, above all, be based around getting back to focusing on the personal attention the client receives, that is, not based around just checking in and checking out, but recovering the essence of what makes this line of work rewarding and which has been lost in the pursuit of profits over everything else. Something like the treatment you get in some rural guesthouses. I’d bring back the bellboy, that young, well-mannered but cheeky lad, just like the ones in films such as Grand Budapest Hotel or Four Rooms. It goes without saying there would be free Wi-Fi in the whole hotel. And you’d be able to choose what music, film or book you fancied at any time and have it right there. For a touch of make-believe in my proposal, I’d include the option to pre-design the room when finalising the booking, so that when the client arrived it would be 100% made-to-measure for them. These are a few of the ideas I’ve come up with. Warm regards and congratulations on this competition that means we can hear the opinions of those who love this profession, as well as those of the guests, allowing things to improve.


Ricardo Riazor Vicente
A library hotel, where every room was based on a book (Moby Dick, one from the Wild West, Sherlock Holmes, the Lord of the Rings, Don Quixote…) and each room would have its own unique library (science fiction, the classics, adventure novels…) and no televisions! Just relaxation and escaping from the world through reading.


Elisabeth Macias
It would be a smart hotel, with zero pollution, that would be energy self-sufficient. The gym would have dynamos in the fitness bikes and the guests would use them for a minimum of half an hour a day to store electricity. There would also be ways to collaborate all round the hotel and help generate power. It would be an hotel where everything could be recycled and everyone was aware of how important that is.


Claudia Mardones Bartolomé
My perfect hotel would be for adrenaline junkies and lovers of technology. You’d arrive at the hotel and the receptionist would greet you with a smile, as normal. They’d ask for your mobile, pop it on a surface and your details would come up automatically on the computer. There’d be no need for keys, because your mobile would open the door to your room. Nor would there be the typical ‘slot’ to put your card in to turn on the lights…Instead, there would be an apparatus where you could plug in your mobile, MP3 player or USB stick and your music would play automatically in the room. You’d go to put your clothes in the cupboard and… my goodness! You’d discover a fireman’s pole that goes straight to the dining room. Wheee, you’d slide down every morning thinking there’s nothing better than starting the day heading down to an exquisite buffet for breakfast! You’d head back up from breakfast to your room thinking: “I’m still up for more fun”. It would be a fine day, a great day, with the sunshine coming in through your window. You’d decide to put on your bikini and tidy yourself up before going down to the swimming pool. In the bathroom, you’d see a sign that said “Use if bored, swimsuit necessary” and you’d think, just what I need! Opening the little door, you’d decide to throw yourself down the water slide that went straight into the pool! And once you were there, time would glide by… you wouldn’t know what time it was, nor would you be bothered…when you were hungry you’d eat and when you were thirsty you’d drink. Time-out 100%.


The ideas that will be displayed in the hotel Vincci Capitol 4* in Madrid are:

Vincci Capitol hotel en Gran Vía Madrid

“An hotel with the fragrances and aromas of the world”
Ioana Comaneci

“A library hotel, where every room is based on a book”
Ricardo Riazor Vicente

“It would be used as an art gallery, so it would be like sleeping in a museum, surrounded by beauty”
Viviana Santos Lima

“An hotel where everything is different, where there’s never a rush, and they always have a smile for you (…) A place where all the rooms are VIP, because we all deserve to feel special for a few days”
Ludi Asensio

“An hotel where my kids have every kind of fun and entertainment possible available, so their mother and I can get a well deserved rest”
Raúl Requena López

“An hotel where all electronic devices are prohibited in the public areas, where people get back to behaving like people and we can talk, eat and share time together in peace without being interrupted”
Josefa Navarro Sanzo

“A restaurant where the world’s best chefs are available to cook for us”
María Carmen Martínez Gómez

“A sustainable hotel, where the gym has dynamos on the fitness bikes and the guests would use them for a minimum of a half an hour a day to store electricity and help generate power”
Elisabeth Macias

“Rooms 3.0 with wall to wall technology”
Julio Alcázar Gómez

“The hotel of my dreams would be in the middle of the forest, surrounded by vegetation and the sound of the birds”
Sandra Del Mazo Rosa

“It would simply be a blank canvas, and the guests would receive whatever they needed to create what they wanted, a song, a written work, a painting, a dish…”
Dani Calderón

“It would bring back the bellboy, that young, well-mannered but cheeky lad, just like the one in “Grand Budapest Hotel”
Eduardo Do Nascimento

“An hotel that was a giant floating bubble, in which you could visit any place in the world”
Javier Marimón Mandrí

“A space that would take away all the tiredness of the journey, thanks to its aromas, and the colours, both warm and fresh, of the walls and the bed clothes”
Ana Sánchez Pérez

“I’d love a hotel where every room was a recreation of a way of spending the night, a place, an atmosphere, an adventure”
Angeles Diaz Baena

“The hotel would have a huge cinema so the guests could enjoy great films. The barman, a gin and tonic specialist, would teach the guests how to prepare them”
Noelia Revilla Sánchez

“An hotel where you could dream, where the facilities and services meant all worries and problems were left at the front door, and we could be completely happy during our stay.
Dani Molina

“The hotel of my dreams would be the one where my grandmother was the head chef, on a permanent contract”
Álvaro Camas de los Ríos

“I’d like a hotel where, when you arrived, they asked you what you’d like for lunch and dinner, because there wouldn’t be a menu and it would be the guests who would choose the food”
José Luis Cuenca Olivares

“An hotel where they gave you your own choice of room, with a king size bed, and a number of musical options the guest could choose from”
Rosmery Colmenares

“A catwalk hotel, with fashion shows from various designers”
Beatríz Martínez

Thanks for taking part and helping to create the hotels of the future!


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