The excitement of a first trip… Four trips made by four women from Vincci

To travel is to share, to see the world in a new light, to discover that beyond your day to day routine there are so many things going on elsewhere in the world.

As we’ve launched a competition to find out about your first trip, with the prize of a stupendous weekend break for two people in Tenerife, with flights included, we took the opportunity to ask a number of women who work at Vincci about their first trip. And this is what they told us…

The first trip of Esther Fernández, sales representative at the Beach Club Estrella del Mar, Marbella

My first trip, obviously, was with my family. My parents, aunts and uncles and cousins. We went to Acapulco (Mexico) where we spent a week in the summer enjoying the sun and the beach. One day we spent the whole morning and afternoon on my aunt and uncle’s boat.

Esther Beach Club

The adults fishing and chatting, while the children ran about non-stop, we all had an amazing time.

I remember that after we disembarked I wanted to have a swim in the sea to finish off the day.

I’ll always remember that swim because it was the first and only time I’ve been stung by a jellyfish. It was so sore, I had a terrible time! But despite, that the trip was unforgettable.


The first trip of Vanessa Rodríguez, head of Reception at the hotel Vincci La Rabida 4* in Sevilla

Well, it would be around 2007 that I went on a trip with my friend Manuel, and we stayed with a friend who lived in Zone 2 in London. I think we went for three or four days and we took a plane from Seville to Stansted. It was just before Christmas and I’ve never been so cold in my life!

Vanesa La RAbida

I remember that on the last day the flight left in the afternoon, so we spent the morning shopping on Oxford Street, until we suddenly realised how late it was and that we were hardly going to be able to make the plane. We ran so fast through the airport that I thought I’d be ready for the Olympics the year after, and we’d bought so much stuff it didn’t fit in our hand luggage and we had to put on several layers of clothes. And after running all that way, we got to the gate, only to find out the flight was delayed…





The first trip of Elena, porter in Vincci Centrum 4*

What makes a trip a great trip? The company, the destination, the weather, that your expectations are exceeded? All of those are what Tenerife was for me. From North to South, East to West, all the island’s corners have an image, a flavour, a melody to offer up.

Elena Vincci Centrum

The cliffs of Los Gigantes welcome us, guardians of the coast that rise up from the mysterious Ocean, worthy of their name, before the stunned observer. The solemnity that emanates from the rocks soon becomes the promise of great adventure, because it’s possible to get close to them, particularly by sea, to explore their caves, their hidden beaches, their secrets.

But the island’s mystery works its charm and carries you away from the sea on sinuous roads – a precipitous climb through the Masca peaks, where with the height the sea breeze turns from whisper to ballad. Vertigo and beauty in an infinite palette of greens that accompanies a visitor on the way North.

A reencounter with the sea, which has been gradually bent to the will of humans. From the tremendous peak of Teno, to discovering oneself in Garachico’s natural swimming pools, to reaching the tranquillity of Puerto de la Cruz. Follow that path and the sea won’t be a stranger again on the journey, its presence accompanying the traveller along the favoured routes of the beaches of the east and south coasts.

But in the legends, the truth is always hidden and the presence of “Magec, the Sun held prisoner forever by Achamán within Echeyde for his wickedness” pulls you powerfully towards the peak.

El Teide, the King of Tenerife. Above the clouds rises a panoramic opportunity to contemplate the island.

Visually stunning, the experience will leave the fortunate traveller with unforgettable feelings.

Finally, the descent via the Vilaflor Valley brings us back to the reality of the return home. Tenerife says goodbye with the first stars shining at sunset, which reminds us, with every curve of the road, that we are still alive.


The first trip of Ana Pérez del Pulgar, Vincci Posada del Patio 5* #Málaga

It might not have been my first trip, but it was my first trip alone and the most special. The Way of St James, alone, 15 days, 309 kilometres on foot. November 2014

This was one of the most important experiences of my life, discovering oneself, both in abilities and capacity to overcome challenges, as well as discovering the magical places along the route and the people who live there. A trip full of selfies, of wonderful local people who look after you and feed you at every stop, pilgrims who walk beside you, sharing their lives and experiences, Galicia’s white cows, the horses, paths through vineyards, paths through snowy mountains, authentic cuisine and the weather, rain, snow and sun, that can’t stop you; the enjoyment of the experience and of the landscapes and above all the peace, which is what, in the midst of the day to day routine, makes you stop and decide to do an unforgettable trip like this.

Ana Vincci Hoteles

I’d recommend it to all our followers!!

You’ve heard about Vanessa, Elena, Esther and Ana’s trips… now we want to hear about your first trip or one which you remember particularly fondly.

Tell us about it using our App and win a weekend break for two people in the hotel Vincci Tenerife Golf 4* de Tenerife, with flights included.





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