The Carnival of Cadiz, the most joyous festival of satire and humor

If you really want to understand what people feel in their hearts about the current, difficult situation, disguised behind a huge laugh, you can’t miss one of the most joyful and fun Spanish festivities, the Carnival of Cadiz.

This celebration, declared of International Tourist Interest, represents a fantastic chance to enjoy the wits and ingenuity of Cadiz’s inhabitants. An event where a flashy custome is not the most important thing, but sharing the latest news in a hilarious way is. The Carnival of Cadiz is the only place where you can make fun of political corruption, financial crisis, and good or bad news alike. You can even laugh for laugh’s own sake! That is achieved by the popular ‘chirigotas’, songs with mordacious lyrics that invite both to laughing out loud and to reflect on their content to all the people who attend this festivity, declared one of the ten most popular European festivities by Trivago.


If you don’t want to feel out of place, wearing a custome is mandatory. This is specially true on Saturday, the the most important day of Carnival. But, don’t worry, there are plenty of routes where you can show off your custome. You also can not miss ‘Carousel Chorus’, where endorsed singers can congregate thousands of people with their songs.

There are also plenty of ‘unsanctioned groups’, composed by friends, clubs and families, who compeate with the endorsed choruses in a less organized, but not less funny, way.

To laugh, to sing, to enjoy… that’s what this festivity is all about. But when you need to rest and prepare for another Carnival night, there is nothing better than relaxing at Novo Sancti Petri, the exclusive resort in Chiclana de la Frontera where the Vincci Costa Golf 4* hotel is placed.

The complex covers 45,000 square meters, including broad gardens, and is placed near the wonderfull La Barrosa beach, and close to the hole 14 of the Novo Sancti Petri golf course.

So, remember that you have a date with humour, gastronomy and sun, while relaxing by the sea in Cadiz, from February the 27th to March the 9th.


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