The best travel apps

Remember those days when the passenger in the car had to unfold a huge map in order to find the holiday destination? And how it usually just led to all sorts of arguments and getting lost for hours! Luckily times have changed and technology has stepped in to help us out and make our journeys a little easier. Today we’re taking a look at some of the apps you should definitely download before you head off on your travels.

TripAdvisor, you don’t want to leave without it. It’s the travel app par excellence, made by travellers. Before eating in a restaurant, choosing where to stay or planning a tour of a new city it’s essential that you see what it has to say. If you’re on holiday and you hear the typical: “What should we do now?”… go and download TripAdvisor, because it has the best ideas for every situation and every location.

Booking, the leading reservation app. You’ll find the best last minute discounts here. You can search by city, price, number of rooms…and see the opinions of the other users.

Field Trip, once you’ve got to know a city by checking maps, forums, travel guides and well-known iconic landmarks, turn to this app to discover a range of other interesting places, that aren’t so touristy.

The best apps if you’re heading to the snow

Alpine Replay Ski & Snowboard, the perfect app to check all your statistics from a big day out on the slopes. You can see how far you pushed yourself, and save your data so you can improve your performance. Nothing on the mountain can stop you!

Sierra Nevada

Avalanche Forecast. Are you worried about avalanches while skiing or snowboarding? This app is designed for the USA and Canada, but is about to be updated to cover Europe too. This app shows you if the piste you’re on is at risk from avalanches.

Snocru Do you get lost in the snow? With this app you’ll be connected in real time to your friends or family, making it easy to find them at any time.

Travelling, luckily, is always unpredictable, but it’s always good to have a useful app at hand to give you ideas to make your adventure complete.

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